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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Springfield Missouri (2023)

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Self-storage units include well-defined spaces that people can rent or buy. Self-storage space offers people the chance to store the excess items as per their needs. Some people expect more space at home and for that, they need extra space to store their excess items. Getting Self-Storage units in Springfield Missouri is one of the best solutions for the people of Springfield. Keeping all the excess products stored in the self-storage space helps maintain a better interior in the living space.

Here is the list of the 10 best self-storage units in Springfield Missouri


U-Haul - Self-storage Units Springfield Missouri

U-Haul is one of the biggest brands in the US whose moving and storing facilities people use from all around the country. There are thousands of places offering these services and one of the self-storage facilities opened up in Springfield, Missouri. With complete security and the safety of keeping your personal lock, only U-Haul offers the complete package.

Everything remains stored perfectly as the storage units are temperature controlled for providing a home environment. With absolutely zero deposit fees and administration fees, users get their storage space. Presently small and medium stored spaces are available at Springfield.

Small Self-Storage units Springfield in Missouri are available for only $94.95/month while medium spaces require only $109.95/month. But the best thing that attracts people to choose U-Haul is getting the self-storage space free for the first month.

At such affordable rates, U-Haul offers every person the perfect and well-maintained space. There is no hassle of going for payments every month as all payments get processed online. From 5 AM to 10 PM people can access the self-storage units every single day. So, head on to the website and immediately order a self-storage space.

My Movers Moving and Storage

My Movers Moving and Storage - Self-storage Units Springfield Missouri

Hailing from the Florida Street of Springfield, My Movers offers a secure and completely climate-controlled module. Getting a quote is completely free as this is a family-owned business. As soon as you open the website for My Movers, there is a chatbot to help you move through all the possibilities of storage spaces. Since there are different types of spaces, people can get exactly as they need taking the help of the chatbot.

My Movers have spaces to keep both personal and commercial belongings. Storage space is really secure, climate-controlled, and complete control against weathering. Just fill up the request form and experts from My Movers are going to contact you immediately. Buyers can contact using the email or cover a call directly at 417-882-6683.

They have residential, commercial packing, and moving plans specially designed for people. Getting a quote is as easy as putting some information and asking for quotes. Secure storage and also packing supplies are available to store every item. Contact soon to grab the best offers and also the best spaces as they run out easily.

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A-1 Self Storage

A-1 Self Storage - Self-storage Units Springfield Missouri

A-1 Self Storage spaces are present at different locations just for the convenience of people from Springfield, Missouri. It is the largest of all with climate-controlled options and basic self-storage spaces. The spaces can move up to 32’X48’ which is definitely larger than homes. Even large businesses tend to use these stages for inventory as commercial spaces for them.

With almost 25+ options for self-storage, the options start from closet space to huge spaces. At $55/month even for the air-conditioned/heated storage spaces, the prices are really low. People find it convenient to select a plan and pay for it immediately online.

Nothing can beat the convenient booking and instantly after reaching the facility people can get their space to store and keep locked with their personal lock. The West Erie branch from Springfield has the highest Self-Storage units Springfield Missouri ever and it is best to use it for commercial needs.

The rest of the spaces are best suited for personal needs. Warehousing requirement is available here as well. With limited gate access, the storage spaces are safe and the local store managers are always available to offer help. Spaces are good enough for the trucks to access, which additionally helps businesses make a difference from all.

A to Z Self-Storage

A to Z Self-Storage - Self-storage Units Springfield Missouri

At four different locations in Springfield, A to Z Self-Storage offers variant ranges of spaces starting from small spaces of 5’X5’ to a huge space like 10’X30’. As the name suggests, they are solutions to all your storage needs to keep your items stored. They have the cheapest value for all the benefits for each of their units. With driveways to easily access the units, they offer daily cleaned private spaces that suit personal and business needs.

The place works with an on-site manager taking care of all your needs. Security of their clients is the top priority for them which they put the most focus on. Customers have access throughout the week with 24/7 surveillance of the items present at the self-storage spaces. From the smallest spaces to the largest space everything is important.

Wide aisles and external lights make access easy every hour. Running a business using storage space of A to Z Self-Storage is really easy. Just contact them at 417-447-4668 and get the estimates for the space you need. The prices start from a mere $55/month which is affordable for all making it the best spot to leave excess items and cars too.

Storage Mart

Storage Mart - Self-storage Units Springfield Missouri

Storage Mart has two locations in Springfield, Missouri, one at Glenstone Avenue and the other one at Florida street. Starting reserving the free units online as they are offering the best discounts right now. Storage mart offers a stable guide to getting the ideal self-storage space.

Every item stored here will stay climate controlled, with easy-to-use loading bays and the best security. The added facility includes both boat and RV parking. But the best part is even after storing at different levels users can access them and easily store or remove items from their storage using the elevator.

The closed storage units start from only $107.99/month which has the highest safety while uncovered spaces are available for as little as $39.99/month. Exclusive rates like this are available only for online renting. Florida street storage unit offers a driving up facility and in certain cases even a month for free.

10X15X8 space comes with an additional month of getting all facilities for free. The best part is the ease of access 24/7 which is rarely found in most other Self-Storage units Springfield Missouri. For businesses, these storage spaces are more convenient to operate. Lager spaces are available for only $224.99/month for unlimited usage and constant access.

Best Storage

Best Storage - Self-storage Units Springfield Missouri

Best storage offers a fully enclosed property, with security cameras, a gate with a special key code that only renters can access, and an on-site manager to help with every need. It is not just affordable in the competitive market, but secure as well. With every rental, they offer a free lock, but the renters have the facility to keep their personal lock as well.

The friendly staff provides a great customer experience available from 4 AM-10 PM. Basic storage starts from $45/month for 5X5 spaces and may lead up to 30X40 huge commercial spaces for just $450/month. This is a huge help for small businesses that need a large space just for their inventory.

But the most common choice among them is climate-controlled spaces. The 10X10 climate-controlled spaces for $125/month generally never stay vacant because of their huge demand among people. All these different types of units are under one roof.

People like their storage space inside an enclosed property. It gives them a sense of security and trust, based on which they can keep the Best Storage products. The office phone is always available at 417-890-7333 and any person can connect and have an idea of the vacant spaces, out of which they can make their choice.

Parkcrest Self Storage

Parkcrest Self Storage

Parkcrest Self Storage is another open storage space that offers the chance to load and unload items just at the front of the rented storage space. It is a brand-new facility that is relatively minutes from most homes or offices. At a convenient location close to the highway, there are lots of takers looking for leasing the spaces, mostly the businesses.

With the convenience of location comes the security of video surveillance and well-lit exteriors. The services are reliable and trustworthy as claimed by people who previously chose their services. As an additional facility for the renters, they also offer free wifi, climate control, and access to water.

These things are rarely provided in other self-storage locations in Springfield Missouri. All these benefits make Parkcrest Self Storage more attractive, even though it is newer than other people offering similar spaces. There are outdoor units as well as indoor units just for renting.

Outdoor units are cheaper because of fewer facilities like variable door heights along with the lighting and electricity only. But all indoor Self Storage units Springfield at Parkcrest Self Storage have a climate control facility. This sets the standard for indoor spaces of sizes 10X20 or 15X20. Indoor spaces are always in demand for the things that they offer.

Sixty5 Self Storage

Sixty5 Self Storage

Sixty5 self-storage always provides what they claim. It includes benefits like a quick and easy booking process which has a month-to-month lead. Moving carts and boxes are available for renters to make storage easier for them. The friendly staff helps with moving and storing items in the right place.

Security at the Sixty5 self-storage facility is well-maintained with a security camera and a well-lit space. The convenience of temperature control helps keeps all the items safe from damage. For storage at higher levels, there is unlimited elevator access at the interior storage facility. It is so simple that using the code provided to the people they can pay rent for their self-storage space online, instantly.

Connecting to 417-879-6565 is all you need to book the Self-Storage units Springfield Missouri for you. 10’X5’ storage spaces available for $108/month are the commonest choice for people. Access is available at different times of the whole week to store or move products out of the self-storage space conveniently using handcarts.

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Best West Storage

Best West Storage

Starting at only $75/month people can reserve a storage unit within a minute. From basic storage to vehicle storage everything is available here. Security is important and Best West Storage addresses the concern through security cameras throughout the property.

They have got the best awards for storage units proving their excellence in the field. Their 24-hour on-site help facility attracts people to choose this place. Based on their convenience at any particular time, people can access their storage unit at any hour. But paying bills for the self-storage unit gets easier with an online payment gateway.

The best part is that weekends are open 24 hours. 5X10 is presently available for just $72, so just call 417-862-5550 and ask for the spaces they have left. It is located near the airport and so it is the perfect space for vehicle storage along with the certain household items that need to stay safe.

Chesterfield Self Storage

Chesterfield Self Storage is present at Kingsley Street, Springfield. It is so famous that generally it stays filled with all the storage spaces already rented out. It is completely legit and if you are lucky with a pre-booking, you can get the self-storage space. Contact using 417-889-7867 and book the space of your need or choice.

They are built in a convenient manner for the trucks to move inside the compound. It helps with loading and unloading the items kept conveniently in the storage space. They remain functional throughout the week. Every person renting there gets a personal code with which they can keep paying the bills online. Even if people are away, they will not face inconvenience while paying for the packages.

But the best thing is they even sell locks for all their Self-Storage units in Springfield Missouri. All the spaces are ideal because they are climate-controlled spaces with a dry environment. Keeping items stored here will never lead to damage. Customer service is wonderful which helps with any issues that the people renting the spaces need.


Renting or buying a self-storage space is the simplest choice. With all these self-storage spaces popping up, people are renting them to start their small business, for inventory, or even to keep household items. Self-storage units are constructed for different purposes and people can segregate their space as per their needs. An open space offers them the chance to keep things stored or create a dedicated workspace for them.

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