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10 Top-Notch Self-Storage Units in St. Catharines (2023)

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More and more people are looking for self-storage facilities in St. Catherines these days. They want facilities that are both reasonably priced and reliable. However, trusting a storage facility that you don’t know can be very difficult. You need to find a trustworthy facility to make sure your belongings remain safe. We have compiled a list of the 10 best self-storage units in St. Catharines.

You can probably find hundreds of different options for self-storage online. This can get very confusing as you will get countless options and you won’t know which ones are legitimate and which ones are just marketing schemes. This is why this article is most suitable for you. This list was made based on the various features and services these facilities offer.

We can guarantee that these storage units are safe and secure. They are very popular because of all of the different amenities they offer. You can’t go wrong with any of these storage units. You can choose anyone that fits your needs best.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self-storage units in St. Catharines

Migson Public Storage

Migson Public Storage - storage units St Catharines

Migson Public Storage has been around for more than 40 years now. They are known as one of the most popular go-to self-storage units St Catharines has. Residents of Ontario and Toronto trust them completely with their self-storage needs. They try very hard to make the storage experience nice for you by having a team of helpful and competent workers.  

Both corporate and individual tenants get short-term and long-term lease options to choose from. They are perfect for all of your storage needs. You can store household items, office or school supplies, inventory, etc. You can also store vehicles like boats and cars here. Additionally, you also get 24/7 access. This means you can go to your storage unit any time you want. 

Some of the other facilities that you will get include individualized keypad entry, 24-hour video monitoring, varying length of leases, truck rentals, etc. Their storage units have varying sizes from 5 by 5 to 10 by 10. They also provide different discounts all year round in addition to a referral program.


U-Haul - storage units St Catharines

U-Haul is one of the best options for self-storage in the USA and Canada. So, this automatically means that they are also very popular in St Catherines. They streamline the entire process of self-storage and moving for you. In addition to the storage units, they also provide trailers, truck rentals, etc. 

It is a family-focused business that was founded to make the process of relocation easier. They treat their employees and customers like extended family members. They provide a lot of different options for self-storage to help meet all of their customers’ needs. These options include cargo trailers, car trailers, truck rentals, enclosed trailers, packing, and moving supplies, etc. 

The wide availability of options is what makes them so popular. Additionally, they do not charge any administrative fees and have low prices overall for all of their services. This makes them very affordable and accessible.

They also have 4 different insurance options available for your storage unit. These options are available to Safestor Insurance. This is ideal for people who don’t have homeowners’ insurance.

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Apple Self-Storage

Apple Self Storage - storage units St Catharines

Apple Self-Storage has storage spaces of a lot of different sizes and styles available. Both indoor and outdoor storage is available. They are a great option for cheap and convenient self-storage. They are well-equipped to help you get safe and secure self-storage opportunities.

All of their facilities are secured with a perimeter fence. Some additional security measures that they take include 24-hour monitoring, a touch keypad, etc. All of these measures are there to keep your belongings safe. 

They have a very knowledgeable staff present there to help you find the perfect storage unit. They have diverse options available for storage sizes. Their storage sizes vary from 5 by 5 to 54 by 49. Additionally, they have mailboxes and parking available for more convenience. They also have ground-level apartments which makes them more accessible. 

Their facilities are very conveniently located. There are also ground-level loading and drive-up services available. This helps simplify the packing and unpacking process for you. All of these amazing amenities are available to you at a very reasonable cost. You can go through their online reviews to see just how trustworthy they truly are.

Bird’s Moving and Storage

Bird’s Moving and Storage - storage units St Catharines

Bird’s Moving and Storage has offered clean and secure storage units since they were founded in 1959. They also have a cutting-edge security system. They make sure to safeguard your belongings. It also has a high Google rating and an amazing reputation online. This means that they are trustworthy and reliable. 

They keep all of your household goods like furniture in covered pallets to help protect them even more. Your furniture will also be cushioned with quilted blankets and stacked. This is why they are ideal for the household goods you will have. They have over 15,600 square feet of warehouse space available that is guarded by an alarm system. The outside of their property is also walled in for increased security. 

They are committed to providing you with superior services. You can get in touch with them to learn more about the units available. After choosing a suitable unit, they will provide you with an estimate of the price. They will also include the costs of relocation.

Lake Street Mini Storage

Lake Street Mini Storage - storage units St Catharines

They are a family-run business that serves all of the people in and near St. Catharines. It is one of the most popular storage units St. Catharines has. This is mainly because of low and affordable prices along with the wide variety of convenient services. They are a very reliable storage facility which is proven by their high ratings on Google. 

The staff there provides competent service and are quite knowledgeable. Their staff and administration prioritize security and the comfort of their customers. They have an automated gate system that provides security 24/7 for the entire warehouse. There is also a manager living on-site to help provide further security for your belongings.  

You will also get remote-controlled access to your unit. They provide a lot of different sizes of units to provide more convenience. These sizes vary from 5 feet to 10 square feet. They have both outdoor and temperature-controlled options.



They have been in the storage industry since 1998. They offer hassle-free and convenient delivery and pick-up services for both commercial and residential clients. Even if you are moving across the country, they are an excellent option for you. This is because of their exceptional adaptability and the ease of use they offer. Their management is also exceptionally well-established. 

You can have a portable container delivered right to your doorstep. This way you can pack up your belongings easily and then leave the unit there for safekeeping or relocate to a new location. Additionally, you can also get climate-controlled units in their facilities. They have worked hard to provide their customers with versatile and convenient options for moving and storage. They try to make the entire moving process easier for you. 

Another thing that makes them very unique is that they do not require an upfront deposit or single full-time payments. This makes them more financially accessible. They are rented on a monthly basis. So, you can move and use their facilities according to your needs. They also provide contactless services for delivery and pick-up.

West End Self-Storage

West End Self-Storage

West End Self-Storage is one of the best storage units St. Catharines has for storing everything from boxes of old documents, office supplies, furniture, vehicles, etc. They can accommodate all of your storage needs. They help inventory all of your belongings to help organize your storage units efficiently. 

Some other factors that make them so popular include their convenient location and helpful personnel. They have also made the safety of your belongings a priority for them and have installed various security systems to ensure optimum security. They recently expanded and updated their facilities which means that all of their amenities are of the latest technology. 

You can check out the sizes of their units on their website. Just go through their sizing chart and choose a unit that fits all of your storage requirements. The sizes can vary from 25 square feet to 300 square feet. Their units are also all at ground level which makes them very easily accessible.

Abbot Self Storage

Abbot Self Storage

Abbot Self-Storage is a state-of-the-art storage facility. It is very popular among students because it is located very near their institutions. This makes it very accessible for them. The perimeter of their entire property is completely walled in. Additionally, they only allow entry to authorized personnel, which ensures complete security for your belongings. You can only enter by accessing the keypad with the help of your unique code. 

You can access your units anytime from 6 am to 11 pm every day of the week. They have a very friendly staff and offer convenient amenities and quick access. You will also get free dollies and handcarts. You can also buy locks and any other storage or packing material you need from them. 

They will help assist you with all of your storage needs. They can also help you decide on which storage unit to rent for your needs. Long-term storage is the best option for you when it comes to them. This is because they provide convenient leasing terms.

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Johnson Moving and Storage

Johnson Moving and Storage

Johnson Moving and Storage is a local moving and storage company that has been serving the community since 1967. They have more than 75,000 successful relocations under their belt. They are the go-to options for anybody who wants to move to their local area.  

If you go with them for any of your moving or storage needs, the entire process will go through without a hitch. This is because they have help from experts. They will show up at your place with moving trucks that are filled with high-tech moving equipment. They are a professionally trained moving company. Additionally, all of their movers have liability insurance along with a bond.  

To ensure the protection of your precious belongings, they use a shrink wrap along with a blanket to make sure your items remain safe. You can store any you want, from fine China cabinets to furniture. They also offer no-cost mattress bags available for you if you want to store your mattresses. 

Their main goal is to help the elderly with their relocation and storage needs. They try to make what is usually a stressful experience as anxiety free as possible. They plan, coordinate and supervise the whole process. You can get a free cost estimate whenever you want by scheduling a consultation. One of their trained geriatric movers will come to your home to help you with the entire process.

Niagara Mini-Storage

Niagara Mini-Storage

Niagara Mini-Storage is very well known for its impeccable cleanliness and high levels of security. They are very conveniently located in the middle of downtown which is why storage units in St Catharines are really popular. You can contact them for all of your self-storage requirements. Their facility is monitored by CCTV around the clock. Additionally, they are also an on-site manager that provides an extra layer of security for your belongings. 

All of their units are at ground level. And the aisles are paved and spotless to help make it easier for you. They also have lighted pathways for entries during the nighttime. You will also get help from their professional staff members who are there to help you with whatever you need. 

Their storage units range from 25 to 200 square footage in size. These units are kept very clean and have broad lanes for simple and convenient loading and unloading. They provide rentals on a monthly basis. This means you won’t have to give any security deposits and won’t have to commit to a storage facility on a long-term basis.  


St. Catherines is an up-and-coming neighborhood. This means that more and more people require extra storage space either for moving or just for organization purposes. The above-mentioned self-storage facilities are one of the best options for you no matter what your needs are.

They have great storage units along with various amenities and services for your convenience. You can just go on their website and choose the ideal unit size for you. After making your decision, just contact them and rent your perfect storage unit.

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