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10 Most Affordable Self Storage Units in Tallahassee (2023)

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Storage units are a lifesaver. Here are many situations when you need extra space around the house. Moreover, you might also need extra space to take on a new project or for any business needs. In such cases, you should rent storage units in Tallahassee. These units have all the features you would want for your priceless items. Further, they have good security which keeps your goods secured. Storage units can help you free up space instantly.

However, there are many different storage units in Tallahassee to choose from. So, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the amazing options. This article will guide you toward choosing the best article for yourself.

Here is the list of theb10 Best Self-Storage Units in Tallahassee

Budget Storage – Self Storage

Budget Storage - Self Storage - storage units tallahassee

Budget Storage self-storage is one of the giants in the storage business. They have been in business for many years and have developed their own brand. The company has always tried to find the best ways to serve its customers. Moreover, they base their business based on providing complete customer satisfaction.

The company utilizes its years of experience to help customers have the best experience. They have a great track record. The company has a great history when it comes to finding the best storage units for its customers. This has made them one of the favorites in this industry.

The company understands the importance of holding onto its large customer base. Therefore, they have some of the best storage units Tallahassee. You quill find different kinds of storage units at their facility. The company uses these units t ensure they can cater to all of your needs with ease. 

Further, the company is very responsive to suggestions from its customers. They are always open to hearing about the areas in which they can improve. Their attitude toward criticism and development makes them one of the best companies. They have top-quality storage units Tallahassee.

However, they have kept their prices very reasonable. The company does not charge for some add-on facilities in addition to having great prices. You can use flatbeds and dollies in their storage facilities for free. The company has resident managers with them as well.

You can always approach them for any help you need with your storage unit. Above all, the company ensures you get the best storage units Tallahassee. You will hardly find reasons to complain about their services. Their customer friendly approach has won them a lot of customers over the years.

StorQuest Self Storage

Stor Quest - storage units tallahassee

StorQuest Self Storage is one of the top storage brands in the country. They have some of the best storage facilities in the country. The company has been regarded as one of the best in the business and for good reason. They understand that different customers have different needs.

Therefore, they have one of the largest collections of storage units Tallahassee. These units provide customers with everything that they could wish for. The company has established itself as one of the most reputable companies in the USA.

they want their customers to get access to the best storage units they have seen in their life. Moreover, the company has both household as well as vehicle storage. You can store almost any item you want in their storage units. The company takes care of the needs of its customers every time. 

Further, the company also believes in helping the environment. They support charities and donate to help the reforestation of the planet. They are an environmentally responsible company. You get to store your goods in addition to helping the environment.

However, they do not limit themselves to just having the best storage units Tallahassee. The company is always active in taking the feedback of its clients and implementing it. You will love the dedication shown by the company.

Above all, they help you enjoy your experience with them. They take care of all the things to ensure you do not have to worry about the small details. The company takes care of your entire storage situation and gets you the best services in the city.

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Storage King USA

Storage King USA - storage units tallahassee

Storage Kings USA is the real king of storage units in Tallahassee. The company aims to find a perfect balance between good storage units and the best amenities. This makes them the top competition in this industry. The company brings the best facilities to set them apart from the rest of the industry.

Moreover, they try to find new ways in which they can get the best value for their customers. Their facilities make the transition into their storage units Tallahassee very easy. You never face any inconveniences from their side. The company also strives to provide 4-hour access in all of its storage units.

This ensures you can use your storage unit at any time of the day. They believe that is important for customers to have full control of their storage lockers. The majority of their locations have the best amenities in addition to providing excellent customer support. 

Further, the company has all the necessities to ensure all storage needs are fulfilled. The company has all the experience to help you choose the best storage units according to your needs. Most of their locations have onsite customer support. They have a team on standby to help you solve all of your problems.

This helps them to provide some of the best customer services in the storage industry. They also have smart storage units. These give you the ultimate comfort of owning storage units. You can monitor your unit through your phone. The company also treats your request as a priority and tries to get them sorted as soon as possible.

These smart units make them one of the best storage companies in the region. Above all, these innovations make them a stellar choice. You get to choose the perfect unit for your needs.

Capital Business Center

Capital Business Center - storage units tallahassee

Capital Business Center is a storage company that has perfected the basics. They have created ideal storage units for their customers. The company has been in business since 1998. Moreover, they have one of the most convenient locations in the city. They are a locally run business.

Therefore, you can trust them to take care of your items as if it was their own. The company has only ground units in its storage facilities. This helps you to store your items with ease. The storage lockers have high ceilings. This has been done to accommodate all of your goods.

You can it most of your household items in their storage units without breaking a sweat. The storage units Tallahassee are built in a way to provide utmost convenience to all of their customers. These amazing storage units are present in a top-class facility. 

Further, the company offers moving trucks as well. You can rent these tricks directly om the company. They provide an umbrella of survives which makes renting with them very easy. These trucks can be easily rented from them and used to transport your goods to your storage units. The company believes in the need for safe storage facilities. Therefore, they have a fenced faculty along with keypad entry to ensure enhanced security. They have installed cameras as well.

These cameras provide footage of your storage units at all times and keep your belongings safe. Above all, they have online payments as well. You do not need to go to their storage units to make the payments. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home. You should be considering this company for your storage needs.

CubeSmart Self Storage


CubeSmart Self Storage is a quick and convenient way to store your items. They are one of the most efficient companies in the business. You will always get great services from them. Moreover, the company has made the entire rental process digital. This makes it very easy for customers to find and book their favorite storage unit.

The company finds the best storage lockers Tallahassee and adds them to its storage facilities. The company claims that you have access to some of the best faculties when you choose them. 

Further, the company allows you to do the entire process from the comfort of your home. They have some of the best units for rent. The company has been at the top of its game for a long time. You can easily rent the best storage units Tallahassee from your mobile phone. Their website and app are optimized to provide customers with the best experience.

However, they care for the needs of their clients as well. The company offers great discounts on its website. You should use their website to avail discounts on the rent of the storage units. Above all, the company helps you find storage units Tallahassee that fit your demands. You get easy access to the best units at some of the best prices.

Storage Zone Self Storage and Business Centers

Storage Zone Self Storage and Business Centers

Storage Zone has some of the best additional amenities with its storage units. The company provides amazing facilities which make them among the best competitors. They have many customer-friendly policies and amenities which makes them a crowd favorite. Firstly, the company has great storage lockers.

All of their lockers have modern facilities which you would expect from them. Moreover, you can use their digital process to book your storage units much faster. You also have 24-hour access to your storage units. This ensures you can access your belongings whenever you want. 

However, the company has amazing freebies as well. You get a maximum security lock when you book your storage units Tallahassee. They also do not charge you for the first month of your rental agreement. Further, the company has a price lock mechanism.

The rental price of the unit is locked for the next 12 months. This protects all of their customers from sudden price rises.  Most importantly, they have some of the best policies which makes them a great choice.

Otter Self Storage

Otter Self Storage

Otter Self storage claims to be different from the rest. The company claims they have the best competitive prices and amazing customer support. Moreover, the company has hired customer care experts to work solely for their company. The company also claims that the needs of its customers matter the most to them. 

Further, you get state-of-the-art security. They ensure that all of your goods are safe as long as you store them. However, you should try their drive-up units. They allow you to bring your vehicle to the door of the unit. This ensures you do not have to work hard to move stuff from your vehicle to your storage units Tallahassee.

Prime Storage

Prime Storage

Prime Storage has climate-controlled storage units Tallahassee. These units allow you to store items safely in all weather conditions. Moreover, these are some of the best storage units you can find in the region. They use advanced technology to keep your goods at ideal temperatures. This helps you to deal with changing weather with ease. You never have to worry about the weather affecting your goods.

Further, they have monthly leases. These help you to stay flexible with your contract and avoid any issues in the future. Most importantly, they have a nice collection of storage units Tallahassee. You can choose your favorite units and occupy them with ease.

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Parkway Self Storage

Parkway Self Storage

Parkway Self Storage is very transparent with its customers. They have fixed prices that are displayed on their website. You will only be charged what is displayed to you. Moroever, there are no hidden fees that are added to your rental agreement. Further, the company has some of the largest storage units Tallahassee.

These units can fit a ton of items. Therefore, theta re ideal if you are using the storage units while relocating or for other large-scale needs. Most importantly, the company has many concessions which can be availed on its website. These concessions help you get discounts in addition to the low rental rates.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage

This is one of the most reputed companies. Everyone in the storage industry has heard their name. The company does not complicate the storage process. Therefore, you have all the basic features you would require in a storage unit. Moreover, you can get additional amenities from them depending on your needs.

The company can be contacted for all the different types of storage needs that you may have. Above all, they have great storage packages. The prices and the amenities will help you get a great experience with them. 


This list has the best storage units in Tallahassee. You should search for storge units to meet your requirements. Every storage unit is different from the next one. Therefore, you should look at the amenities offered by all the companies.

Moreover, try to compare the amenities to get a better understanding of the best company for you. You can even visit the storage locations to check the quality of the storage lockers. There are some great options when it comes to storage units Tallahassee.

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