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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Thunder Bay : Hassle-Free Services

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Well, it’s been a long time since self-storage became the next best thing. Because of the ease of usage and the vast variety of applications, self-storage is still on the rise in popularity. More people are becoming aware of the advantages of using a self-storage system as the modern housing solutions in the states are getting smaller by the day. Even if you’re someone in the retail business, owning self-storage units in Thunder Bay, is a great advantage to the cost-effectiveness of your setup.

Since inventory costs can shoot up at any time, having a self-storage unit double up as an inventory is probably one of the best ideas we can give you. However, if you’re someone who lives in the beautiful province of Ontario, or thunder bay to be specific, then we have the perfect article for you. Today we are going to talk bout the ten best self-storage units in Ontario, which are going to make your lives a tad bit simpler. 

By offering a vast variety of services, these self-storage units, that we have selected have become quite famous in the area, so if you know the names of the first few, don’t click away. We’re sure you will find something of use here. So without further ado, let’s jump right in. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Thunder Bay:

Public storage

Public Storage Canada

Well if you have been on the lookout for a self-storage unit in Ontario, then we’re sure you might have come across this name before. Public self-storage is probably one of the pioneers of the industry and hence is as good as it gets. Public self-storage Canada has been in the business for half a century, which goes to say a lot about the brand itself.

With positive awareness around the country, and with exquisite services to offer, public storage must be the first name on your list if you’re out on a self-storage unit hunt. Before we move on to tell you what they have to offer, let us look at a bit of the history of this conglomerate.

The company was set in 1972, which is half a century back as we mentioned. Wayne Hughes and ken volk saw storage as an uncommon and rare necessity, which is why they brought the idea of public storage into Canada. Fifty years later, public storage is the largest self-storage brand out there serving in both Canada and US. however, what makes them great is their services.

Since no two storage situations are alike, they understand the need of every customer that comes to their storefront. Public storage Canada offers, expert opinion on the kind of storage unit you should be renting, based on the volume of objects that you have to store.

They have all sorts of storage units available. All you need to do is just show up at their office, which is a truckload of belonging to the store. They offer 24/7 accessibility to your belongings, which makes them very accessible. In the thunder bay region, there is no other self-storage unit that comes close to offering the quality public storage has to offer.

U-Haul storage

U-Haul - Storage Units Thunder Bay

When talking about the conglomerates of the self-storage industry, what better name to think of than the uncrowned king of self-storage itself. U haul storage Canada is a storage solution for the people in Ontario and has been since the early days of its set up. Speaking about the company a little, u haul started in phoenix.

The shoen brother started renting their garage out to store other people’s belongings, and it soon became a business, u haul was established in early 1945, a time when storage units didn’t even exist. After 77 years in the business u haul is now a name that every American knows and is fond of their storage units are across the nation making it accessible for everyone in the country to hop on in.

U-haul’s business does not limit itself to storage solutions but also is probably the best packing and moving company out there. Their services are fast pace, yet tailor-made for your needs. Speaking of their self-storage units in the thunder bay region, u haul offers all different sizes of self-storage units available. These range from a small 5X10 ft unit to a 20X15ft, compartment.

However, worry not, you won’t be wasting your time or your money as you enter Uhaul. This is because u haul offers exclusive expert advice on their self-storage units so that you can ensure the right pick for your needs. that is not all as they also offer one of the best securities in self-storage units in the region. This is what makes them the most popular self-storage unit in thunder bay Ontario.

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Superior self-storage

Superior self-storage - Storage Units Thunder Bay

After having talked about the big name brands in the business, let us take a look at one of the more homemade self-storage units, that offers great competition to both the names mentioned above. Superior self-storage is one of the best self-storage units in thunder bay, Ontario. The versatility that they have to offer is on the next level, which is why you can find them overbooked most of the year.

Superior self-storage offers a simple yet elegant solution to an age-old problem. With people adopting minimalism in the area, there have been huge demands for self-storage units in thunder bay. Superior self-storage offers a variety of different shapes and sizes, for your units and also offers you expert advice on which size to choose. If impeccable customer service isn’t enough, then we highly recommend you select them for the security systems they have.

They ensure the safety of your belongings from all malice. Since they have a clean environment all around, you won’t have to worry about rodents and with added security and frequent pest control visits, you wouldn’t have to worry about your items being damaged either. They also have ample parking space for your RVs and cars, making the self-storage process really smooth. If this is the first time you’re storing something ins a self-storage unit, then we highly recommend you go to superior self-storage.

Apple self-storage

Apple self-storage - Storage Units Thunder Bay

To benign with, let us clarify, this isn’t the apple you’re thinking of. Apple self-storage is the product of local minds of the thunder bay region, who ought to find a solution for the storage problem. And the idea that they came up with changed how people thought about storage. Apple self-storage is probably one of the biggest self-storage units in the region making them very susceptible to competition.

However, they have stood strong over the years, and hence have made quite a reputation. If this is the first time you’re here to use a self-storage unit, then they’re going to make you feel right at home. Also, their procedures are quite simple to understand and hence you won’t be struggling with any kind of instructions or rules they might have. Their staff is trained to take care of their customers, making them one of the best in the business.

Their self-storage units vary from the size of 16 sq ft to 300 sq ft. if you’re looking to store a ton of belongings that you don’t need, they will advise you on which size to choose. Access to their self-storage unit is pretty easy for their customers. You can drive up to the spot and unload or load your belongings as you wish. Also, they offer hassle-free services 24/7 which adds more to their reputation. Overall, if you’re looking for one of the best self-storage units in the thunder bay region, then apple self-storage is the way to go.

Dwaso road mini storage

Dwaso road mini storage

The next name on the list is yet another underrated self-storage unit in the thunder bay region. Dawson road mini storage offers cozy self-storage units for decent prices and also offers, added benefits like packing supplies, lock, and key, and camera surveillance on your storage unit. If you’re on a budget and are looking for a quick fix for your belongings, then road mini storage is the way to go.

Space place mini self-storage

Space place mini self-storage - Storage Units Thunder Bay

Spare place mini self-storage, as the name suggests is a self-storage facility located in copper cres thunder bay. They have been offering high-quality self-storage units to the locals for years now. Even though their self-storage unit isn’t as large as the other ones mentioned on the list, they still are equally reputed in the business.

This is because they offer flexible rates, and 24/7 accessibility to other storage units and have no issues if you want to set up a business inventory in their self-storage unit. Their rents are cheaper than most self-storage units out there, so if you’re looking to cut some expenses on inventory, then spare place self-storage is the way to go.

Metropolitan movers

Metropolitan movers - Storage Units Thunder Bay

As the name suggests, metropolitan movers have a lot in common with u haul storage. They also offer packing and moving services to the people f thunder bay and hence are included in the list. Their storage services extend beyond packing and moving. Their self’s storage units are clean yet small, but their rents are easier on your pocket.

They also offer packing and moving supplies as well. Speaking of the security of this place, their office and storage units have security cameras that are regularly maintained. Apart from that they also have guards on standby ready to deal with any sort of hiccups. Overall, they are probably one of the more decent self-storage units in Ontario.

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Warehouse 500

As the name suggests, warehouse 500 is a self-storage unit in the Ontario region. Even though they don’t have a website, their presence in the thunder bay region is phenomenal. Without the presence of a website or a social media account, warehouse 500 is doing just fine, while some of the storage units that have an immense presence on social media are lacking behind.

The main reason for this is the solid fundamentals of business. Warehouse 500 has been in the industry for years and hence knows that the most important thing in the self-storage game is customer satisfaction.  Warehouse 500 has trained its staff to be kind to the customers and help them with any query they might have.

Also, their self-storage units are quite clean, and the security is decent. We wouldn’t say that they have the most advanced security system as compared to the competition, but they do offer 24/7 camera surveillance to protect your belongings. They have quite a variety of unit sizes available if you’re looking to turn one into an active inventory. Regardless of the purpose, warehouse 500’s self-storage units will never let you down. Also, the rent is quite reasonable here, so grab a unit as long as they are available.

Heated mini storage

If you have fragile or sensitive things to store, then a heated self-storage unit is what you’d require. Heated mini storage is one of the only few locally owned and operated self-storage units, that offer heated units. This allows you to control the temperature of the unit. since really old belongings have a way of being deteriorated in sudden temperature changes, heated mini storage has a power backup available at all times.

Since the facility is covered with security cameras, it is really difficult for any unauthorized person to come near your self-storage unit. Apart from being handy in terms of sha[es and sizes, they offer immense flexibility in timings. They are open 24/7 to help you load or unload your belongings at any time of the day.

If that is not enough they also offer packing supplies in a store inside the premises, making it quite a sweet spot for people nearby. If you’re looking for cheaper rates and heated storage units, then heated mini-storage is the way to go.

Sarinene self-storage

When we were talking about the few unknown self-storage units in the thunder bay region, we meant one like Saarinen self-storage. It is one of the places that only the prior customers of Saarinen self-storage and the people living in the area will know about. But in times like these when self-storage units are hard to find vacant, Saarinen self-storage comes in clutch.

With all the facilities of a prime self-storage unit, the Saarinen self-storage unit offers you flexibility in storage timings, sizes range from 16 sq ft to 300 sq ft and the customer service is decent as well. Their staff is smaller in number but all will be trained to understand your needs and recommend a self-storage unit. They have cheaper self-storage units on offer if you’re looking to store on a budget. Overall, Saarinen self-storage is a great option to consider if you’re looking for one in the thunder bay region. 


The above-mentioned 10 self-storage units have been in the business longer than most well-known international self-storage units have been in the region. This makes these the top 10 when it comes to self-storage. If you’re looking for professional services and decent prices, the names on this list should be your first priority. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word. 

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