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10 Top-Notch Self-Storage Units in Virginia to Hire (2023)

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Virginia is a very versatile state. there are many things that you can do in this state. The people of the state have only good things to say about it. There may be times when you require some extra space to store your belongings. However, finding the best storage locations becomes a very long and boring task. Moreover, you always want to find the best storage units Virginia but there are tons of options. Having good storage units in Virginia can help you have a tension-free life. So, we have found the best storage units Virginia and listed them for you. Above all, these companies have the best products and services in the industry. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Virginia


U-Haul - storage units Virginia

U-Haul is one of the most prominent names in the storage industry. However, the company did not start as a storage company. The company started by offering self-driven trucks to customers to move their items. This still is the biggest part of this business. The company was one of the first brands in the moving industry in America. They have gathered tons of information and gained experience through the years.

This helps them to curate some of the best packages for their customers. Moreover, the company has expanded and captured a large part of the moving as well as the storage industry. They have amazing storage units Virginia which can store all of your goods with ease. The years of being in the business have made them one of the most popular choices. The company does not leave any stone unturned while creating the best experiences for its customers. 

They have a huge collection of storage units Virginia. These units have all the great facilities which any world-class storage unit is supposed to have. Further, the company does not cut any costs when it comes to delivering the best services to its customers. Having all of the facilities under a single hub makes this one of the best companies in the world to partner with.

The company is capable of taking care of all of your storage and moving needs by itself. Their collection of services is amazing and has great variety. The company aims to have the best policies for its customers.

Therefore, you do not have to put down any administration or deposit fees when you partner with this company. Above all, they have some of the finest storage units Virginia. Their policies and storage units provide the perfect combination for customers.

Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space

Extra Space Storage has been doing an amazing job at bringing new storage units. They are one of the most reputable companies in the industry. They have created one of the best experiences for their customers.

This makes the company very famous in the storage circle. The company has been working hard to meet the demands of its clients to their best capabilities. Moreover, the company ensures that all of its clients get only the best treatment.

The company has one of the best teams in the industry. They have created a team of experts who know what they are doing. They love the storage business and help customers get the best deals for storage units Virginia. Therefore, the company has one of the highest customer retention rates. The majority of their customers return to get more products from them. 

Further, the company tries to do justice to its name. They try to provide top-notch extra space for your storage needs. You will find them having all of the supplies and units you need to have the greatest experience. The company tries to keep everything simple and focuses on improving its services. You will always find them bringing the best type of units to their storage facilities.

They have also ensured meeting different types of needs for their clients. So, they have multiple storage units for cars, RVs, and other vehicles. You will probably find storage units Virginia for your entire storage requirement. Above all, the company is committed to making it simple to find the best storage units Virginia. You can find check out their website to find detailed instructions about the types of storage units to choose according to your needs.

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Cubesmart - storage units Virginia

CubeSmart is one of the top companies to work within this industry. They make renting and moving into your storage space simple. You can rapidly rent storage spaces through their website. Additionally, they make sure that none of their clients have any problems during this procedure. They are among the top storage units Virginia because of their rapid and simple renting facilities. Going online for their renting process has helped them acquire new customers.

You can set up your account within minutes and rent the unit. This has removed the need of going to the physical storage location to rent it. Therefore, you can save a trip and go directly when you want to store your goods. You can also use their mobile application in addition to using their website. Both of them are very easy to use and operate. 

Further, they have not compromised on the amenities of their storage units. You get the best facilities from them with each storage unit. These units have some of the best combinations of amenities that you will find. The company tries to incorporate the latest technology to make its storage units Virginia the best. You can book through their website as well as from the storage location.

However, you should try to rent from their website to revive the best discounts. The company offers up to 35% off on their rental agreements on the website. This is one of the best ways to save money with this company. Above all, this company cares for the needs of its customers. They try their absolute best to meet your needs and cater to your requirements. They hardly leave any room for complaints when it comes to their services.

Life Storage

Life Storage

Life Storage understands the significance of having a good storage space. This company understands the attachments which customers have with their items. Sometimes you might run out of space to store items in your house. This is where the company comes to your rescue. They have all types of storage units available for customers.

The company has made a name for itself in this industry. Moreover, they have hundreds of locations across America. This chain of storage units allows you to store vehicles, personal goods, business goods, and more. So, they have all the faculties required to cater to a variety of needs. You just need to provide them with your requirements and they will find the best storage units Virginia for you.

You should even visit their website to understand the types of storage units and their features. This allows you to check if the company has the optimal storage units for your needs. Further, business storage is one of their stand-out features. They are one of the few companies which have great faculties for your business. You can easily expand the storage space of your business by using their facilities.

They provide an affordable way to improve the facilities of your business. The company also provides supplies in addition to storage units. You can either get these supplies from their storage facilities or can get them delivered to your location. These storage supplies help you to store your goods in perfect condition.

This also prevents them from facing any damage while they are in the storage units. Most importantly, this company has a great website. You can easily track your storage unit and your rental agreement. It also allows online payments. Therefore, you can easily manage your storage unit from their website itself.

Public Storage

Public Storage - storage units Virginia

Public Storage is a customer-oriented company. Everything that they do is keeping the needs of their customers in mind. The company has several self-storage units in Virginia. All of these units have striking features that are not present in other companies. Moreover, the company has upgraded its storage facilities to make them some of the best in the world.

This company believes in bringing the best services to its customers under all circumstances. They believe in their capability to provide great amenities and faculties to their clients. Further, the company has great offers as well. You can avail of these offers when you rent storage units Virginia from their website.

The company offers $1 rent for the first month. You get up to 30% savings in addition to the reduced rent for the first month. Therefore, you should look to rent storage units in Virginia from this website. Most importantly, the company gets you the best price for their units. The company provides fair pricing for its customers. Over the years, they have adjusted their prices. This helps them to get new customers and keep the existing ones happy.

SmartStop Self Storage

SmartStop Self Storage

SmartStop Self Storage is one of the best companies to work with. Many customers claim it is a smart move to partner up with this company. The company ensures all of its units are clean when customers move in. you will always have access to fresh storage units Virginia. Moreover, the company tries to make its units accessible to its customers. You will find the entire faculty to be well-lit and easy to access.

The aim of the company always has been to provide unmatched services to its customers. Further, they have short-term contracts. This prevents you from committing to a long-term deal and allows you to explore your options. Therefore, you do not have to stick with the company if you do not like its services.

The company also allows no-contact rentals for storage units Virginia. This allows you to stay safe while booking and renting your storage unit.  Most importantly, you should check out thor moving guide. It has some of the best tips which you should use when renting a storage unit. It helps you to track and organize your goods properly and store them securely. 

Storage Rentals of America

Storage Rentals of America - storage units Virginia

Storage Rentals of America have one of the best websites among all the storage companies. It is intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, everything is organized perfectly for their customers. Using their website, you can find the best storage locations and select the perfect type of unit for you.

You can reserve the best storage units Virginia with the help of their website. Further, the company also has wine storage which is not found in other storage units. You can opt for a monthly lease that will help you get the most out of your rental agreement. Above all, they have all the necessities that you would want from the best storage facility.

Security Public Storage

Security Public Storage

Security Public Storage is a company that believes in honest pricing. You will only have to pay the price that is displayed. The company understands that moving can be a stressful process.

Therefore, they aim to provide you with the facilities to make it a seamless experience. You can get top storage units in Virginia for affordable prices. Further, this is a family-owned business.

They have maintained a positive image for their brand over the many years in this business. However, they do not lack experience. They have been in this industry since 1983. Most importantly, they have great reviews from thousands of customers. 

Mini Price Storage

Mini Price Storage - storage units Virginia

Mini Price Storage has a selection of storage units. However, they are known for their smaller storage units in Virginia.

These units are excellent for storing regular items in your house. Moreover, the company provides tons of amenities which makes them one of the favorites in this industry.

The company offers free move-in trucks in addition to heating and cooling for your storage unit. Further, you also get a top-tier security system inbuilt into the storage units in Virginia.

Their client testimonials show the great services they have provided over the years.  Above all, they are very customer friendly, you can easily get storage units in Virginia by calling them up.

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AAAA Self Storage

AAAA Self Storage - storage units Virginia

AAAA Self Storage tries to create optimum storage facilities for its customers. Moreover, they manage to do so without charging exorbitant rates. They have tons of locations for storage units in Virginia.

Therefore, they are one of the most accessible companies in the area. From packing supplies to storage guides, this company has it all. Above all, the company is quite responsive. They deal with all queries with urgency and help customers find the best solutions. 


These companies have the best storage units Virginia. They deliver on the promises they make to their clients. Moreover, these companies help you with all aspects of storage.

Some of them even have additional services which you can use to have the best experience. You can rely on these companies to provide you with the ultimate storage experience. Virginia has a ton of good storage options but these companies are the best. 

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