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10 Best Self Storage Units in Warsaw Indiana in 2023

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The storage market has changed a lot over the last few decades and with that came some great changes for self-storage users. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your unit or if it will hold all of your belongings, as most storage units in warsaw Indiana now come pre-furnished and are climate controlled.

Although many people use storage units for short-term spaces on a temporary basis, these days they are more often used by people who want to store their belongings while they relocate or do work such as remodeling their home. So, if you are looking for the best storage units Warsaw Indiana has to offer, you should definitely be giving this blog post a read.

Here, we have gathered some of the top-reviewed Warsaw self-storage places that are perfect for your needs. This is a list of only 10 of the best options that will allow you to find an affordable and spacious place to store all your belongings in Warsaw.

Here is the list of the 10 Best self-storage units in Warsaw.

USA Moving & Storage Inc

USA Moving & Storage Inc - storage units warsaw indiana

USA Moving & Storage Inc is also home to a friendly staff that is happy to answer any questions or concerns that their clients may have. From their high-tech security system to their friendly staff, they have you covered!

The store offers a $5.00 rate for the first three weeks of storage if you sign a six-month-long contract, plus an additional ten percent off if you enroll in their autopay service. The store offers clean storage units in a variety of sizes. Also, the store has been in business for over 45 years.

Show your military ID at USA Moving & Storage Inc, and get 10% off your first month’s rent.That being said, they want to provide their customers with a price they are comfortable with. If you would like to speak with one of their customer service representatives, please get in touch and they can help you find the perfect storage solution!

Boerman Moving & Storage Inc

Boerman Moving & Storage Inc - storage units warsaw indiana

The Boerman Moving & Storage Inc offers an array of storage locations to meet the demands of its customers. Whether you are a family looking for the perfect place to store their household belongings or a business owner in need of off-site storage space, they can help make your move as easy as possible!

Whether you’re looking for long-term solutions or just have an occasional need for a place to store your items, their self-storage units in Warsaw Indiana are going to be a perfect choice.

Lighthouse Storage

Lighthouse Storage - storage units warsaw indiana

The Lighthouse Storage offers the best convenience for the best prices. The staff is friendly, polite, and willing to help with whatever you need to find a storage unit quickly and easily. They also take care of your property all the time so it’s always clean and plenty secure. The store offers a variety of storage unit types and sizes.

They even have a climate-controlled unit in which they can store their items for the winter. Customers who regularly rent outdoor storage space will find it difficult to imagine what a difference climate control makes. Their customers appreciate that they can leave an item in their unit and know they’ll be able to pick it up on the day’s scheduled visit.

PODS Moving & Storage

PODS Moving & Storage

PODS Moving & Storage offers the most affordable self-storage solution around! Whether you’re moving in from out of town or just need that extra space for all of your belongings, they have got your back! They have a wide variety of units to choose from with varying sizes that will work for any budget.

The store also offers a wide range of storage solutions and is a perfect place to store belongings, office equipment, or personal items. If you are looking for the best self-storage units in Warsaw Indiana, PODS Moving & Storage should be a top consideration.

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U-Haul – Outback Storage

U-Haul - storage units warsaw indiana

U-Haul is the most trusted name in moving and has promises that are honest and reliable that have helped thousands of people move day after day. Their prices are competitive with other companies but they are still able to offer low rates because they offer such great deals on everything from boxes to moving supplies.

The store offers regular storage, climate-controlled storage, and hot temperature-controlled storage. The store also offers a variety of payment options including cash, checks, money orders, or credit cards. Besides these services, the company also offers insurance on their units which can add peace of mind to your decision whether you decide to store your belongings at the U-Haul unit at Outback Storage or not.


ABC MINI STORAGE & WAREHOUSE - storage units warsaw indiana

ABC Mini Storage & Warehouse offers the first month of free storage and free truck rental. They has over 20 years of experience. The store offers 24-hour video surveillance, security alarms, and on-site management.

The store offers a wide range of storage units and options depending on your needs. You can choose from anything from small, 4×6 storage units with a capacity of 20 cubic feet to larger units with a capacity of 100 cubic feet. The store also offers climate control storage, if that is what you need. There are plenty of amenities on-site as well – including 24-hour security and individual locks for each unit!

The store also offers short-term, long-term, and temperature-controlled storage solutions for both personal and commercial needs. Their facility provides peace of mind when it’s time to pack up from a move or put your belongings in storage for vacation. Their trusted staff will take care of all your needs when you’re not in town.



U-Store-Mini-Warehouses offers three sizes of units, plus they can be customized to accommodate your specific needs. The building has two floors and an elevator. The warehouse is also fully climate controlled and inspected with a 3-6 month guarantee that comes with their rental agreements.

Their buildings offer easy access to offsite parking, a dumpster, and a loading dock area that makes getting in and out very easy. They also offer safe storage units for all the items you are storing at their facility from guns to musical instruments, including VHS or DVD movies as well as photo albums or records.

U-Store-Mini-Warehouses is amongst the best self-storage units in Warsaw Indiana. With a climate-controlled unit, your belongings are safe and free from insect damage. The U-Store Mini Warehouses offer the ultimate in convenience and affordability with easy access 24 hours a day.

They offer fast, friendly customer service with bilingual staff to accommodate any language needs and are available to answer any questions you may have concerning rates, availability, or information on what items cannot be accepted in their warehouse.

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All Secure Self Storage

All Secure Self Storage

The All Secure Self Storage offers 2,000 square feet of self-storage efficiency. A climate-controlled facility with drive-up access and code locks ensures your items are both safe and easily accessible. The self-storage staff offers an individualized approach to each customer’s unique needs and can guide them in selecting the appropriate size unit to meet their specific requirements.

The corporate office is also able to work with businesses seeking centralized logistics with a high demand for inventory control. All Secure Self Storage will work closely with you so the process is easy, convenient, and fruitful from start to finish! The store offers a variety of storage unit sizes and locations in Warsaw, IN. Whatever size you need, there are self-storage units that will fit your needs. At All Secure Self Storage, customer service is our top priority!

Barker Archives & Keepsafe Storage

Barker Archives & Keepsafe Storage

The Barker Archives & Keepsafe Storage offers a wide range of commercial storage units, climate-controlled space, and warehousing. Need a safe environment for your toxic chemicals or sensitive equipment? Barker Archives has a building with state-of-the-art fire suppression alongside its power systems and ventilation system. You can rest easy knowing that your items are well taken care of at Barker Archives & Keepsafe Storage!

Thus the search is over! If you’re searching for the perfect self-storage units in Warsaw Indiana then looks no further than Barker Archives & Keepsafe Storage. The store offers state-of-the-art facilities for its customers’ commercial needs in addition to climate-controlled space, a fire suppression system, and warehousing to make sure that your valuable items are well taken care of.

Tri-Lakes Storage

Tri-Lakes Storage offers self-storage units in Warsaw Indiana, and that you can save on your move. They offer a variety of sizes of self-storage units at Tri-Lakes Storage to accommodate all kinds of needs. Worry less about packing with their affordable prices and upgrades like climate control or an outdoor vehicle parking spot. And you can save even more when you combine your self-storage unit with a PODS® portable moving container!

Their friendly staff is always ready to answer any questions and help find the perfect solution for your move. The store also offers the best possible values for customers in Warsaw Indiana. Unlike many storage facilities that sit on an isolated tract of land, Tri-Lakes is located on a major commercial thoroughfare.

This means that there’s plenty of foot traffic by the facility—which provides a sense of security and transparency to their customers. While this might seem like extra work, it’s actually one more way they protect customer privacy and discourage theft from personal storage units.

Benefits of Self-Storage

  • Less Expensive than Renting

Storing your things is a much cheaper alternative for those that need to store their belongings for a short period of time. Usually, the cost of goods you purchase at discount stores is cheaper in self-storage units than they would be if you purchased them from retail shops or other places where they may not be on sale.

As time passes, the things you buy will lose their overall value just as losing weight on your scale. You can also save money by deciding to store your items in one unit instead of renting an entire house or apartment because most storage units can hold many more items per square foot than a home could with comparable living space.

  • Moving Made Easy

If you are planning on relocating from an apartment or house to a new home or somewhere else in town, then it is best to store your belongings while you search for a new place to live. You can also use storage units when you want to move things out of one room or house temporarily before moving them back into the same space because they are so easy and convenient.

So if you need a place to keep your belongings that can provide year-round protection and security, and still be easily accessible, then self-storage units are the perfect place for storing almost anything.

  • Make Extra Money

If you have a lot of junk, boxes, or supplies that you would like to sell but don’t have time to go through everything to set up a yard sale or put together an online auction, then you can use them for storage in self-storage units and make some extra money that way. You could also store your things in a storage unit by yourself if you want to do it for free for a short period of time.

  • The Next Best Thing to Moving

If you are planning on moving somewhere but are not ready yet, then you should consider storing your belongings for a short period of time to give you more time to prepare for your move.

Many people also use self-storage services as a way of saving money and getting everything ready for their next move. So by storing all the things you no longer need or want, you can easily get rid of the clutter and once in a while clean out the things that remain.

  • The Ideal Place for Valuable Items

Self-storage units provide an ideal place for valuables like jewelry, antiques, tools, and electronics because they are kept securely so they are not lost or stolen. And if you want to keep something safe and secure in your home, then it is best to store it in a unit rather than keeping it in a place that could be easily accessed by burglars.

  • Stress-Free

If you’re moving out of your storage unit or house because you no longer need the space on the property or there are irreplaceable things left inside, then this is a great time to sell your items at no charge once they leave the premises.


In conclusion, Warsaw Indiana has its share of self-storage units, but find a unit that meets your needs and fits within your budget. The 10 best self-storage units in Warsaw Indiana can provide the space you need to store what you own, pay little or no rent for storing items, as well as access to an indoor environment year-round. If you’re ready to start moving out of your old place and into a new one, a Warsaw self-storage unit is just the ticket!

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