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10 Best Self Storage Units in Washington DC (2023)

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Finding the best self-storage units in Washington DC is a huge task. There are many factors you need to consider when deciding which company you want to choose. The self-storage industry has numerous companies which have their strengths. Finding the ideal match for you is a laborious process.

We have taken it upon ourselves to find you the ideal self-storage units in Washington DC. we have shortlisted those companies which have been trusted by thousands of people. Read this article to find out the strengths of these companies to figure out which one is ideal for you.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage units in Washington DC.


U Haul- storage units Washington dc

U-Haul is a familiar name in America and Canada. This company has become a household name with the variety of services they have to offer. U-Haul company has managed to reach great heights and cement its position at the top of the packing and moving industry. This company aims to provide everything you need to shift t a new location and carry your items.

Following this aim, they have a huge selection of storage units all across America. U-Haul is synonymous with quality. The years of amazing experiences they have provided to their clients have taken them to the level at which they are currently. Their huge selection of storage units allows you to pick and choose the ideal one for you.

The needs of all their cust9mers and different thus they have different storage units in Washington DC to accommodate these needs. They have easy rental and payment plans which helps reduce the burden of payments. The company takes its security quite seriously. The entire facility is monitored by security cameras 24/7. These cameras keep vigilance and inform their team if any issues arise on site.

Their storage units also have individual alarms. If someone tries to enter your room these alarms are triggered and their staff goes to ensure everything is safe. All client has their unique passcode which has to be used to enter the facility.

This ensures that no unauthorized individual can access the facility or your storage locker. To make it more convenient for their customers, they even have intercoms at the self-storage units in Washington. c. With easy payment plans and tons of self-storage units in Washington DC to choose from, they offer a complete package.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage - storage units Washington dc

Extra Space Storage is a company that has stores with cover almost all of the states in the US. the company claims to be the second-largest self-storage company in America. It has grown at a rapid pace. Their business uses a culmination of good practices which has boosted them to the top of this industry.

They have managed to earn the trust of their clients by providing them with the best deals they have. The company is always in a quest to improve itself and provide better services to its clients. All of the self-storage units operated by this company get regular cleaning and pesticide treatment.

The company provides extensive training to all of its managers. They only assign the best of their personnel as managers of the self-storage units. The managers can assist you every step of the way while you are in the storage facility. Depending on your needs you can browse through the multiple sizes of storage units they have. These sizes ensure you have a storage unit that is appropriate for the needs you have.

You can choose the storage unit through their website itself. There is no need to have to visit their facility to rent your storage unit. Booking through their website provides you with some great discounts as well. They have quite a few locations in Washington DC for self-storage units. You should visit their website to find which storage facility in Washington DC will be able to meet your requirements.

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Cubesmart - storage units Washington dc

CubeSmart has everything that it takes to be one of the best self-storage company is out there. They have storage units in convenient locations these units offer their clients tons of storage space while keeping a check on the cost. The company aims to provide affordable prices to all of its clients. They believe all of their clients are entitled to the best deals.

To provide their clients with the most affordable plans they have employed tons of discounts on their storage goods. You will find many schemes and coupons on their website which helps you to reduce your costs. They have partnerships with some of the best moving trick companies. This helps you to get discounted rates for moving tricks when shifting items to their self-storage units in Washington DC.

They have military discounts as well. All active military personnel gets discounts when they rent a locker with this company. They have many vehicle storage lockers as well. These are special lockers that are fitted with added features to ensure you can store your car without any issues. Their staff tries their best to make you feel at home when you visit their facility.

They take care of you and your items to the best of their capabilities. At their facility, you will get all the features that any other top company provides you. Your rent agreement can be completed online and provides you with much more convenience than regular contracts.

The company provides you with access to your locker immediately after completing the rent agreement with them. They give you discounts of up to 35% on the monthly contracts you make with them. Of all of the companies in Washington, they are one of the best people you can trust your storage items with.

Life Storage

Life storage - storage units Washington dc

Life Storage works wonders for anyone who wants to get storage units in Washington Dc. They have all that it takes to be one of the best companies to meet all of your needs. They not only have the best storage units but also have the easiest ways to book them. The entire booking process can be done through your mobile phone.

They ensure their clients get to book any storage unit which they have directly from the comfort of their home. They have storage units for all types of personal as well as business needs. Their storage units are seen as some of the best for businesses that want to expand their offerings. The company aims to cover the entire process of shifting and storing your goods.

Choosing to buy moving supplies from them helps you get these supplies for a discount. From boxes to covers for your furniture, they have it all for you. Life storage will be your solution to all of your moving needs. You can decide the exact storage units which you want. Whichever units you book on their website are exactly the ones which you get. Their website makes it very easy to make any payments you have towards renting your units as well as managing your account.

You can even set payment reminders to keep you updated on your payment schedule and ensure you do not miss it. When you choose them, they can even provide you with up to one month of rent-free when you choose their services. They have their clients saying great things about them and you should try out their services as well. They have everything you need to store your items safely and have a great time with them.

Simply Self Storage

Simply self-storage - storage units Washington dc

Many consider finding good self-storage units to be a long and time-consuming task. Simply Self-Storage has dedicated itself to changing this perception. They want you to understand that coming to them for getting self-storage units in Washington DC is one of the easiest things which you will do. You can rent self-storage units in Washington DC for any amount of time you want.

They have the best long as well as short-term storage solutions. You can choose to store items from your house, business, or even your vehicles. Their storage facility will have a locker that matches your exact needs. All of these units have their safety features along with accessibility. This company allows you to have a wide selection of storage units.

You choose why you need these units and the company works to ensure their units tick all of the things you have on your checklist. Their mini storages are not something which is offered by many other companies. This mini storage allows you to store extra items from your house. They are a convenient way to free up some space in your house.

Public Storage

Public Storage - storage units Washington dc

Public Storage wants you to see them as a part of your family. This company claims that they have more locations across America than all of the other companies. And with them, self-storage units in Washington Dc are just around the corner for you. All reservations on their website can be made free of cost. They understand that the needs of their clients are ever-changing.

To facilitate these changing needs of their clients, the company does not get you into long-term commitments. Their size guide gives you an accurate understanding of the storage space you will have in their lockers. Their property managers are always on-site to give you suggestions or lend a hand to you whenever required.

Secure Self Storage

Secure Self Storage

One of the biggest reasons why people choose Secure Self-storage is due to its extensive website. Their website will provide you will all of the information needed to choose and rent self-storage units in Washington DC.

All the different types of storage units which they have been shown on their website. They even have live tracking which shows you how many units are left. This ensures you never miss out on a storage unit that you have your eyes on

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Self Storage Plus

Self Storage Plus

This company is a crowd favorite. You will find their customers having amazing things to say about their services. Many of their customers keep coming back to them time and time again. You will find this company offering all of the storage units you need. The huge number of storage units they have means that you will find storage units available at all times.

This company is sincere with their clients. They find you the best units available according to the specifications you request them. Also, they have community policies as well where they give back to the communities where their storage units are located. They have great prices which will help you save money when you choose their services.

Storage Rentals of America

Storage Rentals of America

This company allows you to rent storage units from the comfort of your home.  They have convenient access hours which let you access your unit for the majority of the day. The units are protecting against any damage due to the climate.

You can visit their website to figure out which size of storage would be the best for you. These self-storage units in Washington DC have special offers as well. They help you save money without compromising on the size or the quality of your storage unit.

U-Store Self Storage

U-Store Self Storage

When you start renting with them, you are looking for an amazing storage experience. This company takes pride in the experience they provide to its clients. They have worked hard to secure the best units and want to ensure they meet all of the standards of their clients.

U-Store self storage have a quality guarantee which secures you from facing any issues when you move into their self-storage units in Washington DC. this quality guarantee means that you can reach back to them within 30 days if their facility does not meet your expectations. They will give you the rent for the first month for free and an additional 10% discount going forward. They are sure you will love their services and trust them to give you the best facilities.


The companies we have talked about are the most reliable names in the business. These companies have some of the best storage facilities you have seen. They have all the security measures you need to keep your valuables safe.

The companies differ from one another in subtle ways but have a big impact on your experience. You should check out these companies to find the perfect match for you. No matter which company you choose from this list, you are sure to have a great experience when you rent storage units from them.

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