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10 Best Self Storage Units in Wisconsin in 2023

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Self-storage units are essential when you are shifting or just want to make some pace in your house. When choosing the self-storage unit you want there are many things you have to consider. Since you are storing things that are important to you, you cannot just choose a random company to trust with your items. Many good companies provide self-storage units in Wisconsin.

These companies help you to store anything you want with them without any hassle. We have shortlisted 10 of the best self-storage units in Wisconsin. These companies will help you to store your goods with ease and will not put a dent in your wallet.

Here is the list of the 10 Best self storage units Wisconsin.

Ko Storage

KO storage - storage units Wisconsin

Ko Storage is a company that has got you covered for all of your storage needs. Whenever you decide to move away or renovate your house, you will have to store your goods. No matter what your needs for a storage locker might be, Ko storage like to keep you covered. They have a large number of storage units available. In each city they serve, they have multiple locations.

Each of their locations come with their benefits. What this company assures you is that you get the best service when you choose them. All of their storage units and facilities are fitted with the best equipment which you would want. Security is important for them and they have taken all of the necessary safety measures. They have one of the safest facilities for you to keep your items in.

There are not many storage units in Wisconsin that offer you the quality which they provide.  The company is sure that its offerings will meet any demand you throw at them. They have tailor-made plans to suit the needs of all of their customers. With the feedback they receive from their clients, they have worked to improve the offerings they make.

Throughout time, this company has taken all of the steps needed to improve its business and reach the top. While growing as a business they do not forget their responsibility to the community. In all of the communities where thor facilities are set up, they have community involvement schemes.

They give back to the community and involve them in their business. Overall they have some of the best self-storage units in Wisconsin. You can put your goods in their storage and rest without having any worries.


U-Haul - storage units Wisconsin

U-Haul is known across America as the go-to company when you have to rent trucks. They provide an excellent choice of self-driven trucks but that is just a small part of their entire business. They have self-storage lockers as well. U-Haul has earned its reputation in this industry throughout its years of service. They have become one of the most recognizable names.

U-Haul as a business aims to be the only company you have to visit for all of your packaging and shifting needs. They have several self-storage units in Wisconsin. These are conveniently located so you do not have to travel outside of the city. When you rent a storage unit with them, you get your first month off.

They do not charge you for the initial month. You also do not have to pay any fees for receiving your storage unit. They ensure that you only pay for your storage locker and nothing else. If you decide to move to their storage facility you can buy packing goods and other supplies directly from their website.

They have different types of self-storage lockers you can choose from. This includes indoor lockers, drive-up lockers, vehicle lockers, and more. They can also provide you with a variety of sizes when it comes to self-storage units in Wisconsin. They have an easy storage guide that can help you figure out the exact size of storage unit you will need depending on the items you have.

You can easily manage your account through their website. Their advanced security systems also keep your goods protected at all times. To take your safety to the next level, you can explore the tenant insurances they have. This gives you an added layer of security. They have some of the most ideal self-storage units in Wisconsin.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage - storage units Wisconsin

Extra Space Storage has storage facilities across America. They have earned a name for themselves as being your last-minute solution. Extra Space Storage believe that the time of all of their clients is extremely valuable. They try to reduce the time taken for you to move into your self-storage unit.

You do not have to wait for anything. Just choose your unit and go into it. They can get you your self-storage unit within just minutes. Their do not want you to waste your time while going to the facility and waiting in line. They have one of the best online renting systems. You can choose the best lots with just a few clicks.

When you reach their self-storage units in Wisconsin, you will be greeted by their professional managers. They will guide you through the process and give you storage tips. To keep your sored items in the ideal condition they have weather-controlled units. They keep the temperature of your unit ideal at all times.

This ensures all of your goods are intact and do not get affected despite the weather conditions. The quality of their storage lockers is never in doubt. With the expedited speed at which they complete your order, they should be one of the top companies you visit when looking for self-storage units in Wisconsin.


Cubesmart - storage units Wisconsin

Smart storage solutions are something that everyone likes. They have some of the best storage facilities you will see in America. One of the main reasons for the excellence of this company is the quality standards they have for themselves. They only add those self-storage units in Wisconsin which match the extensive checklist they have.

Smart storage check all of the minor and major details of these units before assigning them to their clients. They provide good deals as well. You can find some of the best discounts when browsing through their website for storage options. This company is one of the few companies which provide their clients with free moving trucks as well. They help you to reduce the overall monetary burden of shifting your items to the storage facility.

In view, of the pandemic, they have contact-free move in opinions as well. You can rent your storage unit online and move into it the same day. The mobile application they have developed has helped their clients with bookings. You can track your contract with them and manage your account. This app is a handy tool that helps you manage your storage unit. They are hailed for their customer service as well.

They have won several awards for their customer service as well. Their team is ready to solve your problems at any time of the day. They simplify your entire experience and provide you with quick rentals. Their service should make them one of the top candidates for self-storage in Wisconsin.

Life Storage

Life storage - storage units Wisconsin

Life Storage is a company that understands all of your needs. They understand how valuable your items are and they help you to store them perfectly. Life Storage believe they must ensure that all of the items of their customers have the best environment to be stored in.

They try to fulfill all of the needs you may have. They start by ensuring multiple sizes when it comes to the storage units. The company has an online store where you can buy all the necessary moving accessories from them. They even provide you with free shipping for that order.

All of their storage units are spic and span. They want you to have no issues when you move your goods into your storage unit. By setting up an account on their website, you can manage your account. All the payments can be made online which removes your need of going to the facility regularly.

You can access the storage unit whenever you feel like it. This company tries to improve your overall experience when renting self-storage units in Wisconsin. They deserve an opportunity from you to sweep you off your feet with the deals they have for you.

Simply Self Storage

Simply self-storage - storage units Wisconsin

Simply Self storage has unmatched security measures to protect your stored items. They find it crucially important to ensure that their customers have excellent security measures when they visit their facility. They have full surveillance of the entire facility.

All the movement by staff is tracked and no outsiders get entry without the required credentials. They even have managers who stay onsite and ensure that the storage facility is completely safe at all times. Security is not the only positive feature this company has.

They do not bind their customers in long contracts. You have monthly contracts which prevent you from having to pay for the storage facility if you are not using it.  They have self-storage units in Wisconsin that could fit a small pallet of items or even a car. Using their services is worth a shot.

Store Space

Store Space

Store Space is a company that is built o the philosophy of treating all of its customers like family. They do not provide you with any storage units in which they would not store their goods. Their understand the importance of each of their customer.

They want all of them to feel special when they book a storage unit with them. They have a dedicated team that works to ensure all of the storage units meet your standards. These can even provide you with custom plans depending on your needs.

They even have personnel assigned to help you store your goods. They want to show their customers that they care about them and the policies they have put in place show this. You should trust them to provide you with some of the best self-storage units in Wisconsin.

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Public Storage

Public Storage

Public Storage offers you many schemes and discounts to be one of the most affordable options. They have great self-storage units in Wisconsin but their prices are what catch the eye. For your first month with them, you will only have to pay $1 as the rent.

They also allow you to save up to 30% on the subsequent months. The company has won tons of awards for its dedication to its business and customers. Through their website, you can make free reservations for any self-storage unit you like. If you do not like the unit you reserved and need a bigger unit, they will do that on spot.

They will assist you in finding a storage locker that is suitable for you without any extra cost. The company has a variety of offers and discounts which makes their deal even sweeter. You should check them out for all storage needs you have in Wisconsin.

Barth Storage

Barth Storage

With more than 40 years in business, Barth Storage has been a reliable company for self-storage units in Wisconsin. They have one of the most convenient locations in Wisconsin which helps them to attract more customers. You will have no problem reaching their storage facility.

All of their storage units have a keyless entry. This makes it more convenient for their clients while improving the security of the storage units. The company also offers a free moving truck when you decide to shift your items to their units.

They have an on-site watchman which improves the security of the facility. They even have motion-detecting lights to keep the facility well illuminated. The only disadvantage is that you have to either contact their team or visit them to get your bookings done.

Columbus Self Storage

Columbus Self Storage

Columbus Self storage has a combination of good features which makes them one of the more popular choices in this business. They try to keep your prices minimum. They d this by not charging any fees in general. You just have to pay your rent.

Their facilities are newly built and thus provide you with state-of-the-art storage units with all of the updated technologies. Their autopay option allows you to not have to remember to make payments every month. The payment gets deducted directly if you choose this option. All of their units have the latest security features. You can rest easy knowing that your items are safe with them.


Self-storage units in Wisconsin don’t get much better than what these companies have to provide. The list has a mixture of some of the biggest names in the industry along with a few local companies.

All of these companies take their business very seriously. You can be sure your goods will stay safe with them. They are the best companies to go-to when it comes to self-storage units in Wisconsin

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