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10 Best Self-Storage Units in Martinsville Indiana in 2023

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Finding the right storage unit for you can be a difficult challenge. Will they keep your possession safe? Will they keep all the climatic conditions in check? The questions can be plenty. The good news is storage units in Martinsville Indiana, there are plenty of options to choose from.

And so many of them are well-trusted experts who know exactly what they’re doing in the self-storage business. The question is, why should you store items in storage units anyway? Can’t you just keep them yourselves? Well, here are a few reasons you may want to consider storing your valuable possessions in storage units.

10 Best Self-Storage Units in Martinsville Indiana.

Storage Express

Storage Express

First up is Storage Express, a high-end storage facility to keep your items safe and secure in Martinsville. They offer to drive access to their storage units, so if you’re looking to keep your luxury sports car stored away for some time, this is definitely one of the best storage units you can pick from. They are accessible all days of the week and can be reached physically and on-call from 6 AM to 10 PM every day.

Keeping security tight is vital in the business, so they have individual codes for every gate that leads to a storage unit. The facility has on-site security cameras that keep eyes steady on every activity and they have storage units of every size. Their prices are reasonable and you can call them up right away if you’re looking to use one of their units. They also speak Spanish! So language is never a barrier.

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Storage 365

Storage 365

A storage unit facility dedicated to transparency, security, and convenience. Storage 365 makes things easy for you since you can sign up on their website and rent or pay for the storage unit you’re looking for. They have an uncovered parking lot, high-end security measures, and strict structures in place so that no one can bat an eyelash toward your stored items.

What’s more? Their facility is top notch and since they have a great website available, a number of things can be done from the comfort of your home. No need to drive all the way up before securing a storage unit. Just get through with the whole renting/buying process online. Once you’ve done that, you can get your valuables to Storage 365 and forget about ever having to worry. Stress is a no-show once you’ve hired these guys to take care of your things, that much is guaranteed.

Storage Plus

Storage Plus - storage units martinsville indiana

Storage Plus is another great facility that also provides amazing and secure solutions for anything you’d like to store. There are no keys, every owner has their own individual passcode that they have to enter in order to access their stored items once they have been put in place. Surveillance is 24 hours on all 7 days without any breaks. Their prices are amazing and totally affordable for most people looking to store their valuables.

Great attention to detail here is that they even have temperature-controlled units, so if your possessions cannot be put in a certain climatic condition, don’t think another time about it! Storage Plus really has you covered with everything you may need. They even have an outdoor storage unit where you can back up trucks to unload your items privately and keep them safe until you’re ready to pick them back up again. Transactions can easily be done online and everything from then on will be smooth flowing.

Store More

Store More - storage units martinsville indiana

Established in 1994, Store More Complex is a locally owned storage unit that excels in its services. Their sheer experience in the business makes them a trusted name that’s been around for years on end. More importantly, it makes them reliable and their expertise in the field can be really useful. They make payment options fairly convenient and guarantee to have really great prices compared to many other storage units available in the area.

They have storage units of many sizes available and will be glad to take care of your valuables over a period of time at a range of prices you just can’t say no to. There are no loopholes in their security systems and everyone that has ever hired their services only reviews them as some of the best business owners in Martinsville. Their experience of 22 years certainly shows in their business ethics.

Fox’s Den

Fox’s Den - storage units martinsville indiana

With nine facilities throughout Indiana, Fox’s Den is a franchise that has been very thorough in its conduct of different self-storage facilities. Their prices vary based on the size of the storage unit you’re looking for. Like a 10×10 is likely going to cost over 50$ and so on. However, make no mistake, their security systems are top notch, and their facilities are perfectly made for just about any item from expensive Porsche cars to never before seen antiques. It is from one of the best 

In Martinsville, Fox’s Den is a trusted name that has satisfied many customers. With self-serve kiosks and online payment methods, things just keep getting more and more convenient while hiring their services. They have parking facilities for boats, RVs, you name it. Since the facility has more than enough space, surveillance and access to owners remain pretty consistent 24/7. Trust Fox’s Den to keep your valuables safe.

Stor A Lot

Stor A Lot - storage units martinsville indiana

Stor A Lot has a range of small to big storage units available for ready use. Their smallest ones start at a rate of $42 while the largest ones have the price tag of $152. If you’re looking for something that falls in the middle of the two, there are also medium-sized storage units at the price of $92 that can be accessed. They have to drive up access and parking facilities. With 24-hour surveillance, this facility makes sure that your items can be as safe as possible and away from any kind of harm.

Again, self-serve kiosks are present on the site and gates have coded entryways so you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in. Since the storage facility has been in business for a while, you can be certain that the stored item is in some of the safest hands possible in Martinsville Indiana, let no one tell you otherwise.

Hunter Storage

Hunter Storage - storage units martinsville indiana

A locally owned storage unit that has its heart set on keeping your items safe. Hunter storage has fairly cheap prices that start from $45 with their small storage units and end at $85 for the largest ones they have available within the facility. You may have to bring your own locks, if not, Hunter Storage will provide their own ones for a small price depending on the size of storage unit you’re hiring and for how long.

They have surveillance, parking, and drive-up access, so just about any kind of valuables can be stored with them. If you’re looking for a facility that’s not too high-end and has affordable rates, then Hunter Storage is certainly the one that you’re looking for.

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Instant Warehouse

Instant Warehouse is available for all sizes and sorts of storage facilities. On-site guards and personnel take care of your stored items along with all sorts of required surveillance facilities. Gates have unique personal codes that can be set according to you and your requirements, so choose your code wisely since no one else will know it other than you. Parking facilities are available which including RV parking, so no matter the size of your vehicle, Instant Warehouse has what it takes to store it.

Their prices are reasonable, you’ll have to check them with the manager present on site and they make payment options really convenient so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. Finally, Instant Warehouse keeps things professional with no one on the staff dealing with your personal information. You have control and that’s one of the best things about them.

JCT Storage

A facility that loves RVs, JCT Storage is all about storing massive and expensive items in the safest and most secure ways possible. They go the extra mile with really well-coded and programmed gates that keep your vehicles and possessions safe. They have had a very special experience in keeping valuables no matter the size. This becomes evident once anyone lays eyes on their great RV parking facilities.

Most people forget that storing possessions is about trust and security. While most facilities have the security part in place, JCT has steadily been working towards generating that trust by serving customers in the best ways possible making the whole process as convenient as possible for every single one of them. This makes them one of the best storage units Martinsville Indiana and they’re definitely worth looking into.

Loft Mini Storage

While this may be one of the more expensive storage units, it is worth its price. They have elevators to shift around large and heavy items if the need be. Again, security is key with checkups, on-site surveillance, security cameras, and personnel dedicated to keeping an eye on your stored items. They have to drive up access and more importantly, they emphasize on storing vehicles so if you’re looking to store away your expensive boat. Loft Mini Storage is definitely the one you’re looking for.

Once you’ve decided on the size of the storage unit you’re looking for. Sign up with them and their highly trained staff will take you through the rest of the process all the way up till storing your items safe for whenever you need them again.


Are you changing houses? Do you think you could do with a little less worrying about a certain few items you own? Self-storage units come in handy in situations like this. Simply store items you can worry about later in a storage unit and get on to the next thing on your checklist. This makes moving much easier on your mental state and it also keeps big things you own, maybe like a piano, or a big-screen TV, safely stored for you to pick up later while moving.

Valuable Objects

Worried about your jewelry? Or highly expensive electronics? Storing them away when you don’t need them is one of the best possible things you can do! Keep them safe inside a well-reserved storage unit and never worry about it a second time. These units will keep your possession safe from any harm that may fall upon them. This may also prove to be a great relief if you’re moving away or going out on a long vacation.

Stress Buster

Owning things can generate a lot of pleasure, but it may also make you really stressed out. Especially if the items in question are expensive or invaluable. Things like jewelry, high-end vehicles, antiques, and paintings are one of a kind. These kinds of things can make the owner really stressed out about their safety.

In situations like these, once again, storing them in a storage unit is a great way of keeping them safe and sound. Since these units function solely based on how secure they keep your items, it’s a good idea to trust them to keep your valuables safe.

As mentioned earlier, Martinsville has a plethora of options to go through, and potentially, you could choose one from tens of hundreds of storage units. How do you pick the one that’s right for you? To help you out choose easier and smarter, here’s a list of the top ten self-storage units Martinsville Indiana.


These are some of the best storage units available in Martinsville Indiana. You have these wonderful options to take a look into and every one of them has its own value and amazing facilities. Choose the one that suits you best and you can worry about moving or keeping your valuables safe later.

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