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10 Most Affordable Self Storage Units in Richmond, VA (2023)

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Self-storage is growing more and more common in modern times. Moving from one location to another can be a lot simpler with the renting of storage units Richmond VA. You should utilize self-storage units Richmond VA facility for a number of reasons, it is true.

If you don’t account for the unpredictable, no great business is great enough. You should, however, be ready for times when your firm is booming as well as merely the rare setback. As a matter of fact, any firm will need room to operate. Self-storage units Richmond VA rental is helpful in this situation.

It enables you to allocate your primary workspace for business purposes to the most crucial duties, freeing up room for other products and portion of your inventory to be put into storage separately. Businesses are using self-storage units Richmond VA far more frequently by businesses than they were previously. It will astound you to learn how many companies choose storage shifting services. They want to keep their documents, printers, laptops, and other necessities in this unit that they aren’t currently using. Here are some storage units Richmond VA which demonstrate why acquiring self-storage is a smart move.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage Units in Richmond VA

Morning Star Storage

Morningstar Storage - storage units Richmond VA

For their neighbours and communities since 1981, Morningstar Storage offers high-quality storage units Richmond VA. Furthermore, they consider it essential to actively contribute to the development of the areas they call home. They want to create top-notch, publicly accessible storage facilities that are amazing in terms of their cleanliness, safety, and attractiveness and come in a range of sizes.

MorningStar tries to create a positive working environment for all of their workers while providing great customer service through a trained and competent team. They offer the best option for you, whether you need a location to keep your family’s library, business documents, or your ski boat while it’s not in use.

Every storage facility has a team of knowledgeable Morningstar storage experts who are there to make every step of the procedure simple. It’s their delight to locate the finest home for your belongings, from supplying you with moving goods and boxes to determining which apartment is perfect for you. You can create your possessions’ temporary home in their storage containers. They provide a range of facilities and storage unit sizes to suit your requirements.

AAAA Self Storage

AAAA Self Storage

All different sizes of storage units are available to rent at AAAA Storage. They provide month-to-month rentals, both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units, simple bill pay choices, a full showroom of moving and packaging goods, security and safety for your peace of mind, and much more.

Their network of reputable movers provides a wide range of crew sizes, vehicle sizes, and flexible time slots to finish your move at a reasonable cost. Call one of their local self-storage units Richmond VA facilities now, and let their knowledgeable storage specialists assist you in choosing the ideal size and kind for all of your needs.

To help your company run more efficiently and affordably, turn to AAAA Self Storage. Gaining more office space or having a centralized, structured area for document or record preservation are two benefits of keeping your surplus company belongings that may be immediately apparent. Businesses might utilize self-storage for a variety of reasons.

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Public Storage

Public Storage - storage units Richmond VA

The northeastern section of Richmond has a number of Public Storage facilities close to Route 360 and I-64. One of their 5×5 storage cabinets makes it simple and quick to store small items like sports equipment and paperwork. You can enjoy golf clubs nearby at Glenwood Golf Club, so 5×5 storage containers are also perfect for keeping your car trunk free of stuff like those.

Their 5×10 storage boxes will work perfectly if you want additional room for seasonal things and outdoor gear like camping gear, patio furniture, and bicycles. Public storage 10×10 storage spaces might provide you with the necessary respite if you like living in historic Richmond but long for extra room.

You may have extra space at home if there is enough area for the furniture and appliances needed for one to two bedrooms. Their 10×15 storage containers provide you even more area for expansion during relocations, home restorations, and new expansions.

Mini Price Storage

Mini Price Storage

With cutting-edge self-storage Richmond VA amenities to satisfy all of your storage needs, Mini Price Storage is famous for its award-winning customer service. As one of their clients, you will benefit from The Mini Price Difference by having access to their free move-in truck, using their business centers, renting one of their heated and air-conditioned storage spaces, and receiving a free high-quality lock for your unit.

Both inside and outside storage unit access is available, and they have spacious exterior lanes to handle large trucks. To help make your transfer hassle-free, their management team is on-site every day. They provide exceptional amenities and security features at their self-storage facilities, which serve the Richmond, Virginia, area. Secure gate entry and individual security alarm systems for each storage facility’s units are also provided.

The management offices on-site are available every day to help you with all of your self-storage requirements. They also provide a wide variety of packing materials and moving boxes that are always in stock. As a result, you won’t need to search the entire town for moving boxes and other goods. Even better, they provide Mini Price Storage clients with a 50% discount on their packing materials and moving boxes.

Nine Mile Rd Self Storage

Nine Mile Rd Self Storage - storage units Richmond VA

Renting is simple & inexpensive at Nine Mile Road Self Storage. Their pricing is calculative to represent a decent value for the service. To avoid renting more than you require, get in touch with their Storage Specialists to discover the ideal storage unit size for you. You may enter their storage facility and your storage unit whenever it’s convenient for you, including on most holidays and during their extended gate hours.

They have a computerised entry code for you to use. In the East End of Richmond, its Nine Mile Road site is easily accessible and ideally situated. They are able to meet not just all of your demands for personal storage, but also for commercial storage.

They are an inexpensive alternative for businesses that want more storage capacity for goods or archives. You can even schedule deliveries to your apartment in advance. They have surveillance cameras and their secured facilities are lit up at night. Additional information about insurance buying is accessible for your comfort.


Cubesmart - storage units Richmond VA

Through cutting-edge solutions, unmatched service, and sincere concern, CubeSmart focuses on making its clients’ organizational and logistical challenges—resulting from a variety of life events and business needs—more manageable. They behave like they own your property. To guarantee the security of your things, each storage facility has a distinct identity in its regional market. 

A committed relationship manager who acts as your primary point of contact for all communications will be available to you. You may generate as much extra room as you need for many of your home items with self-storage units Richmond VA, there are no restrictions. Getting to the store before coming here is not a problem. In the lobby of our buildings, they sell tape, boxes, and packaging materials.

Extra Space Storage

Extra storage space

Richmond residents from Barton Heights, Battery Park, Bellevue, and other neighborhoods are in operation by Extra Space Storage, which is there on Midlothian Turnpike, west of Westover Hills Blvd. Their building is close to Capital Auto Glass, which locals will be familiar with. They can meet all of your storage needs at their facilities.

They may be your go-to self-storage option with units that range in size from 5×5 to 10×25 with practical features like inside access, first-floor access, and drive-up access. Units with drive-up access are available at Extra Space Storage. You may park your car right in front of or next to a unit that has this accessibility feature. Consequently, you won’t have to struggle to load and unload hefty, cumbersome, or huge objects.

Need to keep things that require a certain temperature? You can prevent extreme temperature variations from happening via climate management. The storage climate in these units is normally kept between 55 and 80 degrees all year round. In Richmond, do you require safe automobile storage? There are several parking places outside the Extra Space self-storage facility.

Small automobiles, motorbikes, boats, trailers, campers, and RVs have plenty of room to park in these areas. They take the protection of your personal belongings seriously at Extra Space Storage. Because of this, their self-storage units Richmond VA facility has electronic gates and video monitoring to keep an eye on the items you store there.



U-Haul is close by and offers a selection of self-storage facilities in Richmond. They pledge to offer secure, sanitary, and dry storage facilities. You may reserve at no cost, and you’re assured to discover a unit and size that meet your requirements. When renting a storage space, you’ll have a variety of alternatives to pick from because each unit will offer a different combination of features and services. Determine the size and type of unit you require before searching for one that meets your demands.

Depending on the features and services chosen, small storage prices in Richmond will vary. Generally speaking, climate-controlled buildings are more expensive but offer double the security and protection. Drive-up storage units, on the other hand, are more handy and economical if you plan on visiting your unit regularly.

Ample Storage

Ample Storage

Ample Storage experts are here to assist you in finding the storage option you want. They have more than 40 years of experience in the self-storage sector. In North Carolina, they started out as a family-run mini-storage business, and they strive to treat each of their clients like a member of the family.

They warmly welcome you to stop by their storage offices to get to know their personnel and enjoy a free cup of coffee as part of a more convenient storage experience. In the city of Richmond, Virginia, Ample Storage Center has two accessible sites. With two drive-through aisles and one of the first entirely covered storage facilities on the East Coast, its Laburnum Avenue location allows you to access your storage unit in any weather.

Now you can pack your storage unit without worrying about getting your stuff wet or being plagued by external bugs. The staff at Ample Storage Laburnum takes pride in the fact that many of its devoted clients are so happy with their self-storage experience that they recommend it to others. At the busy crossroads of Laburnum Avenue and Nine Mile Road, they are easily accessible.

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Blue & Gray Self Storage

Blue & Gray Self Storage - storage units Richmond VA

In 1973, the proprietors of Blue and Gray were among the pioneers who introduced the self-storage business to the Metro-Richmond region. In 1975, they quickly established Chesterfield County’s first self-storage facility. The Blue and Gray brand came into existence 1987 after they opened its Hull Street Rd and Williamsburg Rd locations. As a Self Storage Association member, they are well-known across the country.

They are grateful for the chance that several families and companies have given them. By selecting Blue and Gray as their storage provider over the past 36 years. It has always been their goal to increase the number of locations. So that their renters may choose a self-storage facility with more ease and yet receive high-quality service at reasonable costs.

They are cost-effective for any budget, with units starting at $40 per month. They have on-site facility managers that make sure your things are kept in a sanitary and safe location. To make it simpler to load and unload your belongings, the majority of their units offer to drive up access.


Why not keep your valuable possessions in storage units Richmond VA? If you’re seeking a safe and secure place to keep them? With cutting-edge technology and dependable people to assure the safety and security of your things around the clock. They provide you with the best value for your money. They’ll provide you with a clever and safe answer to all of your storage-related problems.

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