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10 Best & Affordable Self Storage Units in Lincoln Ne (2023)

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A lot of businesses have embraced the work-from-home approach in light of the COVID-19 epidemic to maintain social seclusion without jeopardising ongoing operations. It’s such a headache to keep your workspace and living space organised. Self-storage units in Lincoln Ne that are safe, affordable, and provide lots of benefits may help you focus on your company’s main objectives and reduce stress. If a company wants to be effective, it should rent commercial self-storage units in Lincoln Ne.

There’s always room for improvement in small enterprises. Renting a self-storage unit is the solution if you presently have a shortage of storage space but a lot of items, goods, or equipment to keep.

The use of dedicated storage space is unquestionably a terrific concept to prevent accidents and keep your working and home environments safe or protected. With this arrangement expected to become standard in the workplace in the near future, self-storage units Lincoln Ne might be a terrific choice for both enterprises and people.

Below are some of the best self-storage units in Lincoln Ne that will make sure that all your storage needs are covered:

Big Red Self Storage

Big Red Self Storage - Storage units Lincoln NE

Find the ideal storage space size by visiting their showcase unit at 8233 Yankee Woods Dr. You can move in at any time during regular access hours if there is a storage space available that satisfies your particular storage needs.

One free usage of the moving truck is present to each of their qualified clients. All reservations may be there by phone or email, and the vehicle must be reserved in advance. Video cameras with digital recording equipment are present in all of their facilities. 

To prevent outsiders from entering the storage area, all of their establishments have keypad entry gates at the front of their buildings. Likewise, the border of the storage spaces is entirely walled in. Each and every contract is month-to-month. But if you’re planning to leave, please give them a five-day notice.

To let others know you’ve moved out, kindly leave your lock off the unit. Rent will be there on even locked-up flats. Your monthly payment can be sent in by mail, online, at a few designated kiosk locations, or in person. The simplicity of automated withdrawals from your credit or debit card is another perk they provide.

Eagle’s Nest Self Storage

Eagle’s Nest Self Storage - Storage units Lincoln NE

They have a safe storage facility that is conveniently located just east of Cornhusker Highway and 36th. In addition to being near to Lincoln’s city centre, they are also not far from Havelock, Autumn Wood, and Culler—all of which are less than three miles away. Eagle’s Nest Self Storage is here to help you organise your belongings, no matter how big or little. Fantastic facilities are available at Eagle’s Nest Self Storage at reasonable costs. 

Unloading your goods is a quick and simple process because to its accessible drive-up access. Simply leave your car parked in front of your storage unit to begin with. Getting big furniture and boxes out of the parking lot won’t be necessary anymore. 

Aside from that, they provide free loaner dollies and handcarts. It won’t be necessary for you to load or unload in the dark because their units have all the power. Your experience at their facility will run as smoothly as possible since they have thought of everything.

The economical parking choices are just adored by vehicle owners. Their facility offers safe parking at a small fraction of the expense of a long-term parking lot.

Lincoln Self Storage

Lincoln Self Storage

Just off of Rosa Parks Way and Highway 77 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Lincoln Self Storage is close to the city’s centre and the Haymarket neighbourhood. In addition to drive-up storage spaces, they also provide outdoor parking and climate-controlled storage units as self-storage options. In the event that your present homeowners or business insurance won’t cover your goods in storage, they also provide renter’s insurance.

Their cutting-edge facility provides outstanding comfort and facilities to help their clients with their self-storage needs. Visit their office on-site to speak with their friendly manager in-person about the specifics of your self-storage Lincoln Ne needs.

To help you move, store, and protect your personal belongings, their office is present with a wide variety of moving boxes, mattress bags, and circular disc locks that are all for sale. A break area with a coffee maker and a mini-fridge filled with hot or cold drinks, depending on the season, is also available at the workplace.

Lincoln Self Storage places a high premium on security. Even on the darkest night, it is visible by LED lights, giving the building the appearance of an outdoor stadium. 24-hour recording is being done by their 25+ motion-activated security cameras.

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Budget Storage

Budget Storage - Storage units Lincoln NE

When it comes to meeting your storage needs, you can rely on Budget Storage. With pristine, ready-to-rent storage facilities, outstanding customer support, and top-notch security measures, they commit to being the finest in Lincoln.

Check out their unit size and availability if you’re ready to arrange and purge your area. To suit your demands, they are available in a range of sizes. On the page for each unit pricing, you may find information on the building and the units’ availability.

Choosing a unit and making a reservation from there takes only a few minutes. For in-person consultations with a storage professional, you may also make the short journey to the facility during business hours.

In close proximity to Capital Overhead Door, Aj’s Reptarium, Poppi’s BBQ, and across from McDonald’s, Budget Storage is conveniently present on Cornhusker Highway. Furthermore, they may accommodate college students who want additional room because the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is only a 4-mile drive away. Call them or drop by the office during business hours if you’d like to take a tour of the space.

Storage Mart

Storage Mart - Storage units Lincoln NE

Are you having trouble with crowded dorm rooms, stuffed closets, or an abundance of workplace supplies? At StorageMart on West O Street, you may find indoor or drive-up storage options.

Students, homeowners, and companies in downtown, West Lincoln, and beyond may receive easy-to-use conventional and climate-controlled storage options from them. To make the most of all the self-storage options they provide, look over their useful advice. They have you covered with regards to price, billing, and account administration.

Keep your possessions safe against extreme temperature changes. Get Lincoln temperature-controlled storage and feel at ease. Your valuables, furniture, instruments, and more will be kept at a constant temperature all year round thanks to their units, which will keep your stuff warm in the winter and cold in the summer. To transfer heavy, bulky boxes and other objects with fewer trips, complimentary push carts are also provided.

You know how fast extra tools and materials can fill up your space, whether you’re a small-time maker in your community or you manage a big corporate office. Finding the space you need to expand your company is challenging when you feel cramped or pushed out.

Infinity Self Storage

Infinity Self Storage - Storage units Lincoln NE

Every effort is done at Infinity Self Storage to meet your storage requirements. Query them, solicit their opinions, or provide any criticism. They have perimeter fence and computer-controlled gates for entrance at their site, both of which are cutting-edge security measures.

In addition to outdoor parking, they provide climate-controlled storage facilities. If you want to keep objects that are sensitive to the elements and might harm by changes in temperature and humidity, climate-controlled storage containers are suitable. During breaks from travel and exploration, feel free to keep your RV or watercraft.

South First Street in Lincoln, Nebraska is where you’ll find Infinity Self Storage. So Thai Restaurant, Rose Parks Way, and Errandbug Restaurant are all within close proximity to their location. Another restaurant nearby is Casey’s.

During regular business hours, you can go there Monday through Friday. For an affordable price, they offer the ideal self-storage units Lincoln Ne accessible for you. Immediately begin using them to store your automobiles and other storable.

Kiss Self Storage

Kiss Self Storage

They have a helpful staff and lots of space for automobiles, boats, trailers, and RVs to store outside. Your car could even fit in one of their self-storage facilities, depending on its size. The towns of Waverly, Emerald, Raymond, Malcolm, Pleasant Dale, and Davey can take advantage of their proximity to the Lincoln Airport by choosing them.

There is plenty of illumination available at Kiss Storage at night, allowing you to visit your self-storage unit Lincoln Ne in the comfort of the evening. It doesn’t end there, though, since becoming one of their clients will allow you to take use of a variety of other advantages.

You will have an easy time during your next relocation thanks to the 24-hour access and several spacious apartments that you may drive through. The end doors of each unit are convenient.

The process of loading and unloading goods is greatly simplified. Reach out to them or make your self-storage units Lincoln Ne reservation online if you’re less than 20 minutes from Seward, Nebraska.

Dillon Self Storage

Dillon Self Storage

Some customers like to visit their storage unit first thing in the morning, but every client is unique. Others enjoy stopping by in the evenings after work. But there is no need to prepare when you come to Dillon Self Storage. No time is too early or too late to access your possessions. You may visit their facilities whenever it is most convenient for you thanks to their simple 24/7 access.

It’s always safe with Dillon Self Storage. LED lighting, security cameras, and automated gate entry are some of the security systems they have invested in. When you’re prepared to tidy your space and keep your belongings, it’s simple to rent a unit and pay your rent online. Even their on-site kiosk is available around-the-clock.

At West O Street and Hohensee Drive in Lincoln, Nebraska, you can find Dillon Self Storage. They are please to provide their services to the Lincoln neighbourhood and its neighbouring communities, including Capitol Beach, Arnold Heights, Air Park, the city centre, and West A/Coddington.

3839 Hohensee Drive is where their newest building is present. where nearby communities like Roca and Bennet are easily accessible by car. At 40th and Yankee Hill Rd., it is there to Target. With reasonably priced, up-to-date, and safe self-storage units Lincoln Ne, they are there to assist locals, local companies, and college students.

Wilderness Self Storage

Wilderness Self Storage

Just south of 14th and Pine Lake Road is their storage facility. It is the newest self-storage facility in Lincoln, assisting you in making extra room for yourself at your house or business.

Their mission is to offer the general public a safe, dry, and clean storage unit facility at a fair price. They want you to have positive feelings about working with Wilderness Self Storage as your secure storage provider.

Being a U-Haul-approved dealer gives them a great deal of freedom, especially when it comes to offering moving and packing goods and providing trucks and trailers for moving to the general public.

Pine Lake Self Storage

Pine Lake Self Storage

On the handy intersection of Pine Lake Road and 70th, they are present. The Home Depot, the retail area at NE-2 and 84th Street, Union College, Lincoln Berean Church, and Pine Lake Self Storage are all close by. From the short-term tenant to the long-term renter, they have alternatives that can fit their needs. They would be more than happy to meet with you and determine your needs for self-storage.

Office hours are available six days a week since they are dedicated to helping you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them right away to take advantage of their unrivalled customer service. Each member of their staff is knowledgeable, welcoming, and helpful.

With features like an on-site business centre and inexpensive packing supplies available for purchase in their office. They’re ideal for homeowners, students, and company owners alike. They have installed security cameras and have movable dollies available for use.

With all answers to frequently asked questions on their FAQ page because they want you to have the greatest possible experience. Visit their website to discover more about them. And then call to make self-storage units Lincoln Ne reservation right now.


Finally, we would like to note that the self-storage market is steadily expanding as more people now view it as the most practical, affordable, and dependable solution. Because they may help people arrange their belongings and free up space, storage facilities are beneficial to society.

In order to make more room, reduce losses, and protect your sensitive assets, renting self-storage units in Lincoln Ne while working remotely may be quite beneficial.

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