10 Best Self Storage Units in Mississauga with 24×7 Access

Self-storage units are one of the best places to store all of your excess items. They provide amazing benefits and are quite affordable. Self-storage units allow you to easily store and access all of your items. They come at various price points and there are tons of options to choose from. Moreover, many companies provide storage units in Mississauga. All of these companies have their different strengths and weaknesses. Further, they have different types of storage units to offer. Having so many options makes it confusing to choose the best option.

Therefore, we have listed the best storage units in Mississauga. 

Storage Mart

Storage Mart - storage units mississauga

Storage Mart is one of the leaders of self-storage in Canada. They have established one of the empires of self-storage. Their facilities are located in USA, UK, and Canada. They have been at the forefront of the self-storage industry for a long time. During these years, they have built up one of the most popular storage facilities in Canada.

The company always aims to help improve the lives of its customers. They bring storage units in Mississauga which help the local communities. Moreover, all of their storage units try to create a difference in the lives of their customers. The company has tied to making it very easy to rent storage units.

They understand that many people have an urgent requirement for storage units. Therefore, they have made the entire renting process quite simple. You can rent storage units in Mississauga from their website or at their locations. The company ensures that the entire process is carried out quickly.

This ensures you get access to your storage unit as soon as possible. Further, the company has customer-friendly services. They are always eager to help you find the best storage units they have to offer. The company wants all customers to be fully satisfied with its offerings. Therefore, the entire storage unit is cleaned before a customer moves in.

They ensure all customers get a fully cleaned and sanitized storage unit when they move into the facility. The entire facility along with the storage units are cleaned regularly. Above all, the company emphasizes client satisfaction. They provide you with the best experience every time you visit their facility. You will love the services they have to offer. This makes them one of the top storage units in Mississauga.

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U-Haul Storage


U-Haul is one of the most iconic names in the storage and moving industry. They have a legacy of being one of the best storage companies in America and Canada. The company started as a truck rental company. The company has managed to change the industry forever.

They have been the leaders in bringing change to this industry and helping it expand in America and Canada. Therefore, the company has a long history of being one of the first storage companies. They have been operating since 1945. The company quickly gained recognition among people as one of the best brands.

They have expanded and offer one of the largest catalogs of services in the world. Moreover, the company takes care of all of your needs. They ensure you have a seamless experience when using their storage units. Further, they have multiple storage units in Mississauga.

All of these locations are equipped with the best facilities. You will not find the company compromising on any aspect of its business. You also get easy accessibility in addition to top-quality storage units. They let you access your storage unit 24/7. They ensure that you will never face any time restrictions when you want to add or remove items from your storage units.

You should check out the different types of storage units they have for rent. You can get a climate-controlled unit, drive-up unit, vehicle storage, and more when using their storage units. They have got you covered for all of your storage needs.

The company even offers you free truck rentals for moving your items to your storage unit. As the company has many services under it, you get tons of benefits. Most importantly, this company has an umbrella of services that come in quite handy. 

Public Storage


Public Storage is a name you will be familiar with if you live in Canada or America. They provide the ideal storage solutions for all of your business and individual needs. The company has been serving the people of Canada for a long time. They have brought good services to the people of Canada time and time again.

The company has a group of experts who curate the best storage solutions for their clients. Therefore, the company spends time understanding the variety of needs of its clients. Using this data, they bring storage units in Mississauga that suit the needs of all clients. You will find different storage units and they will meet the different needs you have.

The company started its services in the 1970s and maintains high-quality standards. Moreover, they have tons of great amenities in their storage facilities. The company tries to add value to the lives of its customers by providing them with easy storage options.

They have a 5-star customer service team. You can reach out to them for getting solutions to the problems you are facing. The company always comes to your rescue if you have storage needs. Further, the company has several promotions as well. These promotions help you save a lot of money when renting storage units in Mississauga.

You get the first 3 months at 50% off. You can avail of this offer on their website. The company has an amazing referral program in addition to promotions. Referring a person gets you $50 for yourself and the person you referred. Above all, the company gets the basics right. They bring the perfect combination of good quality and customer service. Therefore, they are one of the top options for storage units in Mississauga.

Safe Self Storage

Safe Space Self Storage

Safe Self Storage is a centrally located storage company in Mississauga. This company serves customers across Canada. They have been serving clients for a long time and do a fine job at it. The company is quite popular for having some of the best storage units in Mississauga.

The company is quite focused on providing the best services for its clients. They have some of the most variety regarding their range of storage units. Their storage facility house all the different types of items which you want to store there. Moreover, you can use their outdoor storage to store cars, RVs, boats, and more.

They do a great job of keeping these vehicles safe. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from their range of self-storage units. They have units that are ideal for every small or large storage need that you have. The company makes it easy to get items to your storage unit. You can get your items delivered directly to your storage unit to save you some time. Further, the company also provides tenet insurance.

This helps you to secure your items from any types of threats. The company has attractive prices which makes them very popular. You will love the services which they offer and at the prices at which they do it.

There are many storage options to choose from and you will find a fine selection. Above all, they prioritize the needs of their customers. You can expect them to bring you the best services for a fraction of its cost. You can rent some of the best storage units in Mississauga when you visit their facility.

Bluebird Self Storage

Bluebird Self Storage - storage units mississauga

Bluebird Self Storage is one of the most reliable storage solutions in the industry. The company is very famous in the Canadian market as one of the top storage companies. They create noteworthy experiences for all o their clients. The company focuses on delivering the best results time and time again.

You will find them offering some of the biggest discounts while maintaining amazing quality. Moreover, the company believes in providing customers with top experiences in the storage industry. They have some of the best storage units in Mississauga. The company has many offers and amenities which makes them one of the best.

The company guarantees that the rent will not be increased for the first year of renting their storage unit. Further, you can even get a virtual tour of their storage facility on their website.

The company allows you to rent online in addition to providing virtual tours. You can rent the best storage units in Mississauga from the comfort of your living room.  Above all, the company has always excelled when faced with adversity. You can expect to have a great time when renting their storage units.

SmartStop Self Storage

SmartStop Self Storage - storage units mississauga

SmartStop Self Storage has been in the business for many years. They have great storage units in Mississauga. The company aims to be the most reliable and trustworthy storage company in Canada.

They have one of the best customer service reviews. The company ensures that all the needs of its clients are dealt with. They have a live chat which allows you to talk to their customer service exerts. They have the solutions to all of your problems. The entire team has a lot of experience in dealing with customers.

Moreover, they ensure that you are satisfied with the solutions they provide. Live chat is one of their best features. Further, you have auto-pay options as well. This allows the rent to be deducted from your account directly.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about remembering to make the payments on time. Most importantly, they will help you settle into your new storage unit quite easily. The company is always at your service.

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Access Storage

Access Storage - storage units mississauga

Access Storage might be the best solution for storage units in Mississauga. They have a storage facility in one of the best locations. This allows you to move goods to and from the unit quite easily. Further, all of their locations have great moving supplies. You will find high-quality packing material for your goods.

This allows you to store your items nicely and prevent damage. Moreover, they allow you to move into your storage unit quite quickly. You can draw up an online agreement and move into the facility on the same day.

This makes them one of the best places for last-minute storage needs. Most importantly, the company has great reviews left by existing customers. You will find them giving you some of the best storage units in Mississauga.

Apple Self Storage

Apple Self Storage - storage units mississauga

Apple Self Storage is a company that manages to impress customers. The company has always been overachieving. They manage to exceed all of the expectations of their clients. Moreover, they will surprise you with the tons of features they have. The company does not charge customers to use the facilities in their storage units in Mississauga.

Therefore, you get free access to carts, dollies, and much more. The onsite management is always up to help you with any issues you might face. Further, they will also help you store your items better. The company is one of the best when it comes to storage units in Mississauga. You will return to them with all of your storage needs.

My Storage

My Storage - storage units mississauga

My Storage provides the largest number of freebies. They spoil their customers with tons of additional amenities. The company provides a free moving truck to get your goods to your storage unit for free. Moreover, they offer free insurance for all storage units. This keeps your items insured for the duration of your rental agreement.

You also get a free mailbox. Therefore, you can ship items directly to your storage unit and not have to carry them there from your home. Most importantly, they have drive-up access to all storage units in Mississauga. You can take your vehicle up to your storage unit which makes it extremely easy to store your items. Further, you will not have to rent carts and dollies to move items and save money.

Grand Park Self Storage

Grand Park Self Storage - storage units mississauga

Grand Park Self Storage has some of the best prices. The company has some of the most competitive rates. They help you find the best storage units in Mississauga for the cheapest prices. Moreover, the company maintains thor hygiene.

They have regular pest control and other hygiene methods. Further, you have the choice of both interior and exterior units to choose from. Above all, this company is one of the best places to find affordable storage units in Mississauga.


The companies on this list are the best in the business. They manage to provide the best services and overcome their competition. All these companies will ensure you have a good experience.

Moreover, they have different types and sizes of units to offer to their clients. Further, you can choose the company which has storage units in Mississauga. Above all, you can rely on them to keep your items safe at all times.