10 Best Self Storage Units in Los Angeles with Loaded Features

The average cost of living in Los Angeles is 48% higher than the national average making it difficult for people to survive on a budget and save. However, if you are diligent and want to live on a budget, it is hard but not impossible. Other than the usual expenses like groceries and transportation, high rent is a huge factor. The more furniture and goods you have, the greater the space needed. However, a great way to save space and rent costs is by renting some Los Angeles storage units. The following article lists the top 10 companies that you can rent from!

Here is the list of 10 Best Self Storage Units in Los Angeles:


U-Haul - Los Angeles storage units

U-haul has over 20 self-storages in Los Angeles which are some of the best Los Angeles Storage Units. If you want to store your prized possessions and valuables like antiques/paintings, U-Haul’s self-storage units are the perfect option.

These units are not only climate-controlled, but they also come with several insurance options. Moreover, U-haul’s storage locations are controlled and are under state-of-the-art security systems. Unlike other companies, U-haul does nto charge any advance admin or deposit fees to help you stay under budget.

The company also offers competitive prices in the industry along with several payment options. Do you want to avoid monthly notifications and hassle? Well, U-Haul allows you to pay the rent online and set up auto pay. Other than offering monthly renting options, U-Haul also offers one month of free storage (subject to location). Thus, U-haul offers exceptional services that you can trust for years to come.

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Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage - Los Angeles storage units

Extra Space Storage has ten self-storage facilities in Los Angeles. You can rent a self-storage unit from these locations or over eighty facilities in nearby areas. The best part of using Extra Space Storage’s units is that you do not need to be confused about the storage size needed.

As the company offers custom tools, you can easily find out the exact size of the storage unit that you need. Other than providing self-storage units, Extra Space Storage also offers vehicle, RV, car, boat, and business storage solutions.

Thus, Extra Space Storage is a one-stop solution for your storehouse needs. Moreover, Extra Space Storage offers competitive prices to help you save money without compromising the quality. The company provides well-lit storage units that are under CCTV surveillance. You can also find on-site resident managers and a cleanliness staff appointed to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


CubeSmart - Los Angeles storage units

CubeSmart is one of the top storage companies offering household, moving, business, vehicle, and climate-controlled storage solutions. The company has three facilities offering storage units in Los Angeles. Not only is the company customer oriented, but it also offers expert inputs to help you save money. CubeSmart appoints facility managers to help their customers choose the right solution to their needs.

Their storage units come in different sizes and offer flexibility. You can access them 24/7 or check the 24-hour video recording in case of security concerns. Moreover, the electronic gate access system offers additional security and privacy. If you need help with packing your items before storing them, CubeSmart’s representatives will be there for you!


LifeStorage - Los Angeles storage units

LifeStorage has two storage facilities in Los Angeles and twenty-four in total around the Los Angeles area. The company offers several sizes of storage units that you can choose from. Moreover, all of LifeStorage’s units are climate-controlled to maintain your belongings and valuables properly.

The company also has several indoor or outdoor spaces where you can temporarily park your car, boat, trailer, RV, or motorcycle. Unlike the other companies discussed, LifeStorage also helps you with packaging.

You can get boxes, tapes, and other packing equipment shipped to you for free. If you want to access the storage unit with ease, LifeStorage is perfect. Why? Well, you get a dedicated account on LifeStorage’s website when you rent from them.

You can easily pay your monthly bills, set reminders, access video recordings, or contact their support. Thus, LifeStorage is a customer-oriented storage solution provider that can help elevate your experience.



PODS is one of the top companies in the industry offering moving and storage solutions. The best part of PODS is that you can choose to keep their storage units at your home. If you do not want to keep it, PODS offers moving solutions to send it to a temporary storage facility near you. Their storage centers are safe, secure, and can be accessed easily. You do not need to worry about your belongings or the storage unit when moving.

PODS will deliver your container close to your new home whether it is across town or country. Another important point is that if you are choosing on-site storage options, you would not need to worry about their security. PODS also extends its services to commercial ventures of all sizes. With each of PODS’ storage units, you get state-of-the-art security features.

Stuf Storage

Stuf Storage - Los Angeles storage units

If you are looking for some great Los Angeles storage units, Stuf Storage is the perfect option. The company services all of Los Angeles and has storage facilities accessible from every neighborhood. You can reach all their units and your valuables whenever you want. Stuf Storage is the perfect storage partner for both residential and commercial needs. The company also realizes that security and privacy are important.

Thus, they provide locks and moving amenities for better protection. If you are looking for long-term solutions, Stuf Storage might be the perfect companion. The company offers partner discounts and other affiliate profits that might help you save a lot!

Public Storage

Public Storage

Public Storage is one of the leading service providers of Los Angeles storage units. The company has also garnered a reputation across the nation. Whether you are looking for self-storage, business storage, vehicle and RV storage, boat storage, or climate-controlled storage options, Public Storage is the perfect option for you. The company’s gates are controlled by keypads and through the owner’s phones.

Moreover, the company allows you to pay your bills easily through their app. Thus, you can always make your payments on time and escape late fees. Irrespective of whether you have single or multiple storage units, you can manage all of them through a single dashboard. The company has been in operation since 1972 and knows how to satisfy customer needs.

Spare Foot

Spare Foot

Out of all the companies discussed, Spare Foot is one of the best ones offering portable solutions. The company offers Los Angeles storage units at affordable prices that are comparable to industry standards.

You can discuss your needs and preferences with Spare Foot’s representatives to find units and facilities that work for you. It is one of the largest marketplaces to come across storage units that are complete with security facilities.

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Flat Rate Moving

Flat Rate Moving

Headquartered in NYC, Flat Rate Moving is one of the top-rated companies offering storage and moving services in the Los Angeles region. Other than allowing you to store your valuables at secure facilities, the company also offers pickup and delivery services. Thus, you can easily store and access your possessions as and when needed.

Flat Rate offers solutions to both short-term as well as long-term customers. Do you know why Flat Rate Moving is named so? Well, once you rent a storage unit with the company, the rate is fixed for life. Thus, you do not need to worry about the company raising its rates once you join.

Make Space

Make Space

Make Space is one of the best companies that can offer Los Angeles storage units at affordable prices without lowering the quality. Unlike other companies discussed, Make Space provides you with equipment to help you pack and move your items into a storage unit.

With at-home deliveries and pickup appointments, Make Space makes renting storage units accessible and hassle-free. You can contact these professional movers to save time and money!

Why Are Los Angeles Storage Units a Good Idea?

It is an observation that we keep on acquiring more and more goods with time. Looking at storage options sometime in the near future is inevitable. In cities like Los Angeles and New York, renting some Los Angeles storage units proves to be cheaper than renting a larger apartment. Some reasons why Los Angeles storage units are a good idea:-

  • Alternative Space

Modern storage units are a great alternative to storing valuable possessions or items one doesn’t want to let go of. For example, you might be shifting houses or relocating your business when you would need a place to store the goods until further use. Los Angeles storage units are flexible and allow you the luxury of storing your valuables securely.

  • Better Security

There might be several items that you want to store in a safe place and your garage/cupboard might not be the best option. The best Los Angeles storage units are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. These units are also locked and can only be accessed by permitted people. You do not need to worry about their safety and can take the burden off your shoulders.

  • Store Anything

Los Angeles storage units offer the flexibility to store anything. For example, you might have a boat that does not fit into your garage. Well, a storage unit is a perfect location for that. You can also store your prized possessions like antiques, artwork, and furniture.

  • Reduced Costs

As discussed, Los Angeles Storage Units can help you save on rent money. Moreover, most top storage companies offer competitive and affordable rates allowing you to enjoy the luxury of owning one.

Modern Los Angeles Storage Units have a lot to offer and can help improve your life exponentially. Do you want to more about the situations where a storage unit can help you? Well, read on to find out more about it before renting a storage unit.

When Can I Rent Los Angeles Storage Units?

Los Angeles Storage Units allow you to store your possessions without sacrificing a lot of space in your house. You can rent these spaces on a monthly or yearly basis. But, before you do so, learn about the situations when Los Angeles Storage Units can benefit you!

  • Home Restoration and Redecoration

When your home is undergoing renovation, your furniture, and other valuables are at risk of collecting dust and debris. Moreover, you will often need to move them out of the way for better efficiency. Storing your furniture temporarily at Los Angeles storage units can help speed up the work. It also ensures that these items are under no harm.

  • Relocation

Relocating is not a simple process and shifting all of your belongings at once is unrealistic. Sometimes there might also be a delay in the shifting process disrupting your plans. Renting some Los Angeles storage units and storing your goods in them will take the burden of their security off your shoulders.

  • Frequent Travels

If you are someone who travels frequently, Los Angeles storage units can greatly benefit you. It is impractical to take your possessions along with you wherever you go. Renting a self-storage unit offers extra security and storage to your items by the time you return. Moreover, you will be able to extend your stay or alter your plans without worrying about the items.

  • Greater Space at Home

Storing everything at your home can clutter your space making it seem a lot more congested. Storing some of your valuables can help declutter and free up a lot of space at home. Moreover, these Los Angeles storage units come in various sizes that you can choose from.

  • Business Goods and Inventory                                                                                                                         

If you are a small business owner, you need space to store your supplies. A bigger office or warehouse can cost a lot of money that might not be in your budget. Renting weather-controlled Los Angeles storage units can provide flexibility and boost the lifetime of the goods.

As you can see, these Los Angeles storage units are a life savior and can help you stay under budget. Whatever the reason, ensure that you choose one of the best self-storage companies for better security and flexibility.


Several self-storage companies in Los Angeles can help keep your belongings secure. These can also help you stay under budget and offer greater protection to your valuables. Ensure that your Los Angeles storage units offer insurance to protect against mishaps like burglary. We hope the article helped you find the top self-storage companies in Los Angeles. Let us know your reviews if you have used any of these!