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10 Top Affordable Self Storage Units in Regina (2023)

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Are you a Regina resident on the look for a self-storage unit? We understand things can pile up, or your new business might require more inventory space. As a result, storage units become your best friends. Therefore, we have listed all reliable and reputable self-storage units in Regina. We have mentioned all information about these storage units after conducting extensive research to get the precise details. We hope it will make your task easier.

Access Storage

Access Storage - storage units Regina

Access Storage Regina is one of the prominent names in the self-storage industry in Canada. They began this line of storage units in 1998 and have made their mark. They are known for their customer-friendly service, high-class amenities, and clean storage units. This self-storage company treats your belongings like theirs and ensures you have a place to store them safely. It is difficult to let go of things you have kept safely until now, and Access Storage understands this feeling. As a result, it provides you with clean, well-lit, and spacious self-storage units.

They have different-sized storage units present in their facility with various features. You can pick a small, medium, or large storage unit. Apart from this, you can pick from basic, heated, climate-controlled, drive-up, and interior storage units. You do have to worry about security at this facility. The entire facility is under CCTV surveillanceThe cameras remain operational 24 hours to ensure security and constant monitoring.

If you need help packing and moving your belongings to your storage unit, you can turn to Access Storage. Their moving service, with expert professionals, will help pack and move your belongings. If you are busy and cannot visit the office for the formalities, you can call them, and their helpful staff will complete all the formalities for the reservation on the call. They will also advise you on the best storage solution based on your budget and requirements. Their storage facility is open the entire day and all year. As a result, you can access your units even at odd hours.

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Storage Mart

Storage Mart - storage units Regina

Storage Mart is another well-known storage units company in Regina, that is popular among the people. It was established in 1999 and has been a popular chain storage facility across the UK, USA, and Canada. They treat you as a family rather than as a customer. They understand you entrust them with your belongings and ensure they can live up to the promise. As a result, they offer one of the best storage facilities.

They have well-lit, clean, and sanitary storage units. They have ensured a high-security system at their facility with numerous cameras at every turn and corner. These cameras are active 24×7 and are under the surveillance of their staff. So there is no scope for unauthorized access or intervention.

They are also famous for their efficient customer service. They have everything available for their customers. As a result, they make your experience of reserving easy and fast. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their customer service department, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can make reservations in advance and pay during check-in. If you are short on time, conduct the entire process online. Their online rental process is easy and fast. You might also end up grabbing some discounts or offers. You can book your storage unit every month. It allows short-term booking and helps you save money if there is a sudden need to move out. Keeping this in mind, they have an easy moving-out process.

They offer value-priced cots for your belongings in the store. This system is very flexible. You can decide the amount of coverage you want to pay. It ensures your belongings and does not stress your pockets.

MakeSpace Storage

MakeSpace Storage - storage units Regina

It is another self-storage facility that offers one of the best self-storage units prividers in Regina, Canada. They have a wide variety of sizes and feature options in storage units. It makes them one of the best in their field. 

Their spacious and well-organized facility with a responsive team and active management has made it famous. Available in more than ten locations, Make Space Storage is a moving and storage company offering heated and non-heated self-storage lockers, on-site containers, covered and uncovered boat and RV storage, and automobile parking. 

They also have portable storage for personal and professional needs. Additionally, they also have three options in sizes for your various needs. They have budget-friendly services with multiple options and facilities under one roof. Their security arrangements include gated entries and 24-hour surveillance at every step. As a result, there is no scope for any intervention. If facing difficulty packing and moving, you can contact them for their moving and packing services. Their professionals will safely pack your belongings and take them to the storage facility. You can also pack your belongings by purchasing the packing materials from them.

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U-Haul is one of the most popular brands of self-storage facilities across Canada and the USA. They have been in the business for more than two decades and have made a mark in the field. U-haul is well-known among the public for providing a wide range of services in addition to storage and providing high-quality service. It is one of the best option to rent self-storage units in Regina, Canada.

They offer you several sizes and types of storage units to choose from. You can choose from RV/boat, heated, climate-controlled, drive-in, and vehicle storage units. They have a variety of sizes available. As a result, you pick and pay for exactly what you need. You do not have to compromise on the size or go for a bigger size and pay extra.

Their storage facilities are clean and spacious. They ensure high security at their storage facility to safeguard your belongings inside the storage units. These security measures include camera surveillance, staff monitoring all cameras, and access card service for each stage. As a result, your belongings are always safe with them.

They do not charge any deposit or admin fees and have a transparent payment process. If you have busy office hours, do not worry. You do not have to visit their office in person. You can complete the entire process online, including the payment. They have online facilities for payment, changes, and upgrades to help you save time and effort. You can avail of their trucks and moving services to carry your belongings to your storage unit. They also have pacing supplies and assistance available. All your storage needs and requirements get fulfilled under one roof.

SecurGard Public Storage

SecurGard Public Storage

They are a dedicated self-storage units in Regina. They are known for their fast and responsive customer service and easy online payment and booking process. SecurGard Public Storage offer a large variety of unit sizes to meet every storage need. It includes basic and heated units as well as mailboxes. They offer storage facilities for personal and commercial purposes. As a result, if you’re changing or renovating your home or looking for a place to store your inventory, here is your solution.

They ensure to keep your belongings safe and secure. As a result, they have strict secrecy systems in place for 24×7 monitoring. Their website has been secured with SSL software to protect your personal and financial information. Their storage facility is accessible from 9 to 5 every day. As a result, you do not have ease of access at odd hours. However, it is an excellent choice for a dependable, affordable, and secure storage facility.

Is a self-storage facility worth my money?

With increasing urbanization and decreasing space, there is a dire need for space. People are moving to smaller houses, let alone apartments. Apart from this, the pandemic made us realize the need for storage space for last-minute storage requirements and shifting spaces. As a result, self-storage facilities become crucial. It is not just a facility but a necessity in today’s time.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for people coming to cities for work, and students constantly shifting apartments and dorms. This space permits the renter to save money on the apartment rent while finding space for their belongings. Therefore, a self-storage facility is worth your money. You get a place to keep your belongings, have unrestricted access, and more space to walk around in your home.

Should I invest in a climate-controlled storage facility?

People are increasingly opting for climate-controlled storage facilities despite their being pricier. It is for multiple reasons. To begin with, it provides an extended guarantee to protect your belongings. Any delicate items, such as wooden artifacts, painted antiques, leather goods, and so on, are protected from weather changes. These items are susceptible to fungi and moss. However, a climate-controlled storage facility eliminates humidity and protects these valuables.

Therefore, you can store these things without tension. You can adjust it according to the outside weather conditions and keep your things as good as new. It is because of this assurance people are willing to pay for climate-controlled storage facilities.

These facilities are not available in an average storage unit, and you have to think twice before leaving any delicate item inside for an extended period.

How to pick the correct storage facility?

The central tenets of picking the correct storage facility are price, location, size, features, security, customer service, and accessibility.

That is the most fundamental consideration for a storage facility. A storage facility offering more will charge more. However, more does not always mean better. Two storage facilities with the same feature can have different prices because of varying zip codes. However, it is not universal. My suggestion is to compare and analyze. You must not compromise on valuables to save a few dollars.

Ensure that your space offers everything you need. Different facilities offer different features. You must be decisive about the things that are most important to you. For example, variety in theater controls, sizes available, online facilities, online payments, and booking.

Make sure your storage facility has proper security measures in place. Having cameras is not enough. They must be at the right location and operational all day. Apart from this, enquire about who has access to your storage unit apart from you. Any unauthorized access is a menace to your privacy and belongings.

Lastly, ensure the ties correspond with your schedule. If you have a long-shift job, you must opt for storage facilities that are open all days of the year and all day and night. It will be the best fit for your busy schedule.

How can I fit more into less space?

Packing more into less space is an art, and we will help you master it. There are various ways and ways to do this; you can pick whichever you like.

The first suggestion is the pyramid method. It requires you to place the bigger boxes at the bottom and proceed with the smaller boxes on the top. It will help you balance the items. Add lighter weights to the bigger boxes and vice versa. It makes it easy to carry and shift in the future while moving in.

A second suggestion is to install temporary or removable shelves inside the unit. It will make your mornings more manageable and accessible. It’ll also help you occupy all the corners of the room and make the most of your space.

However you store your things inside the storage unit, always leave an aisle in between to walk down. It will help you reach things and make shifting easier in the future.


Storage units are needed today because everyone is in homes bigger than their belongings. It is especially true of white-collared workers and students. As a result, we understand the significance and have listed the best and most reliable option for you. We hope this article will help you find suitable self-storage units in Regina, Canada.

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