10 Best Self-Storage Units in Oshawa (Safest & 24×7 Access)

Self-storage units are a great way to store your items effectively. Many of the times, we have lots of extra items that we need to store but have no place for. Self-storage units can be used for both professional and personal usage. For instance, if you are moving your house and have any extra furniture that is taking up too much space, you can always store it carefully in self-storage units in Oshawa, Canada.

Moreover, for personal uses, you can store items like money, jewelry, and other valuable stuff. Self-storage units are the safest and most practical way of storing your items. In professional settings, you can use self-storage units in a variety of different ways. For example, if you have a manufacturing business that requires you to stick up a bunch of items and store them for sale. Using self-storage units can be a great way to do that.

This is mainly because when we produce items in stock, they take up a lot of space. Not everyone has the means and accommodation to store all those items in the best way possible. Moreover, if you are going to sell those items then you have to keep them well maintained to avoid causing damage to them.

Therefore, you can store them in self-storage units to keep them intact and safe. Similarly, there are many more perks to getting a self-storage unit. Self-storage units are also highly protected and have advanced locks on them that no one can break into.

If you live in Oshawa and wish to find the best self-storage units for yourself, keep reading the article.

Here are the 10 Best Self-storage units in Oshawa:


Storage Mart

Storage mart is an amazing self-storage store in Oshawa. They provide you with clean and safe self-storage facilities which will store all your items in the best way possible. They have all types of self-storage available in their store. In addition, they also have mini self-storage facilities which will help you to store tiny items.

If you are not sure about the size of the self-storage unit that you should get, they have a virtual size guide which will allow you to examine all their units and then pick out the best one. Moreover, you can make reservations with them for your storage unit in advance so that when the time comes, you can smoothly transfer your items into it.

In their size guide, they have listed all the items that their self-storage units can accommodate. Therefore, this will make it very easy for you to understand what you need to get for yourself. Moreover, their price rates are also quite affordable and reasonable according to their services. They are highly safe and have great locks on all of their units. Moreover, they also have surveillance cameras 24 x 7 to avoid any problems.

U-Haul-Storage Canada


U-Haul storage in Canada is quite a popular self-storage unit facility. Almost everyone knows about their self-storage units as many people utilize them occasionally. They are a highly safe and established company with lots of experience. Therefore, you can easily trust them with your products.

They have many different types of self-storage units so that you can find one which suits your requirements the best. Moreover, they also allow you to move items when you are shifting and will provide you with labor as well. Their self-storage units are highly flexible and have climate control as well.

In addition, they also have outdoor and drive-up storage facilities along with vehicle and commercial storage facilities. Their size guide includes almost all sizes of self-storage units so that everyone can find one for themselves.

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Public storage in Canada is another very popular self-storage facility. They provide lots of amazing self-storage services for their customers. They have been operating for quite a few years and have tons of experience. Moreover, they are also an established company, therefore, you can trust them.

Their prices are highly reasonable and affordable. Moreover, on your first purchase, they may also give you some great discounts. They have units of all sizes so that you can find the one which is the best for you. You can check for the perfect self-storage unit on their size guide to avoid any problems during your reservation.

They have great customer service and make it one of their biggest priorities. Therefore, you will have a very smooth experience with them as they provide you with amazing services. Their security is top notch and they have some amazing locks on these storage units.

Moreover, they are also under surveillance at most times and keep their units as clean and hygienic as possible. You can rent your storage unit online if you don’t want to visit it physically. This makes it so much more convenient and easy for customers to buy these storage units. If you don’t have much information about self-storage units and wish to know more, they have lots of information about it on their website.


Dymon - storage units oshawa

Dymon self-storage is another popular self-storage facility in Oshawa, Canada. They have 24-hour access to their units so that you can visit your self-storage units at any time of the day. This makes them very convenient and flexible as you do not have to take any reservations to visit your unit.

They will keep their security active at all times and will also keep examining all of their storage units to avoid any problems. They ensure to keep their units clean and hygienic at all times. Moreover, they also treat their customers with great care. They will also help you out with loading and unloading your goods so that you will not have to hire extra services for that.

Their security cameras are based on advanced technology and are always active. You can find a perfect self-storage unit for yourself on the website with the help of their size guide.

Smart top self-storage

Smart top self-storage - storage units oshawa

Smart Top cell storage is another amazing self-storage facility in Oshawa. They are highly experienced professionals and storage companies that will provide you with some amazing self-storage units. They have a large variety of storage unit options to choose from.

Therefore, you can find one which suits your needs the best. They are very flexible to work with as they do not have any strict rules. Moreover, they do not set long-term contracts. Therefore, you can end your contract at any time that you want. This makes it very convenient and stress-free for customers to book their self-storage units.

During the summers, they give you a 25% discount which is great as it shows how much they care for their customers. Their environment is highly clean and well lit along with very hygienic amenities. They also have climate-controlled units so that you can store your special items in the best way possible.

Their security is top notch and they use advanced technology to examine their self-storage units in the best way possible. The website is highly easy to browse through as they have a moving guide along with a location guide. Therefore, you can find a storage unit very easily with them. They even have a size guide to help you choose the self-storage unit that will be perfect for your items.

Store-it Oshawa

Store-it Oshawa - storage units oshawa

Store it Oshawa is another very popular self-storage facility in Oshawa. This facility has been around for quite a while and many people have accessed its services in the past. All of the past customers have left amazing reviews about them. Therefore, you can trust and rely on them easily.

They also took extra precautions during Covid 19 to follow public health guidelines and keep their storage units as safe as possible. They have some amazing security facilities so that Your products can be under surveillance in the best way possible.

In addition, they also have 24-hour surveillance so that your products are watched at all times of the day. They start their pricing at $76 per month for the storage units which is pretty reasonable according to their facilities. Moreover, they have gated facilities which make it even safer for you to store your items. They allow you to visit your unit every day from 7 AM to 7 PM.

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Valiant group

Valiant group - storage units oshawa

The valiant group in Oshawa is an amazing self-storage facility that you can use to store your items. They are very safe and secure to work with. They will try to make your experience with them as smooth as possible. This is mainly because they value customer care as one of their largest priorities.

They have worked for almost 100 years in this field and hence, have tons of experience. This also makes them highly trustworthy and reliable. You can easily contact them on their website as it is very easy to understand and browse through.

Moreover, on their website, they have a very well-made size guide which will make it easy for you to decide on which self-storage unit will suit your requirements the best. They also have some amazing climate control units for your special items.

Handi Storage

Handi Storage - storage units oshawa

Handi self-storage units in Oshawa are great cell storage facilities that you can access. They have almost everything that you may expect from the perfect self-storage company. All their units are highly secure and safe and under surveillance at all times. They are very easy to contact as they are very interactive.

In addition, they also value customer care a lot and will give you a very smooth and simple experience. You can pay them in comfortable ways as they do not have particular payment methods. Moreover, they also have some amazing self-storage units of all sizes and types so that you can find one with your requirements the best.

Storage Depot

Storage Depot - storage units oshawa

Storage Depot is a quite popular self-storage store in Oshawa. They have been functioning for quite a few years now and have tons of experience in this field. Therefore, you can trust them with all of their services. Moreover, they have some great reviews from their past customers which make them even safer to work with.

Moreover, they have 24-hour video surveillance on all of their self-storage units to assure safety. Furthermore, they have gated access which makes it difficult for anyone to walk into their premises. They are highly affordable and also give you 10% off to make it easier for you to buy yourself a storage unit. This shows how much they value customer care.

They are very convenient as they allow you to visit their self-storage units throughout the year every day from 7 AM to 9 PM. If you wish to find the self-storage unit which will fit your requirement the best, you can check the size guide on their website.

Bluebird self-storage

Bluebird self-storage - storage units oshawa

Bluebird storage is a very popular cell storage facility in Oshawa, Canada. They have tons of experience and are very customer friendly. The company will also treat you with lots of professionality and will make it very easy for you to find a perfect self-storage unit for yourself. They have almost 5 stars and all platforms and great reviews from their past customers. Therefore, you can trust them as they are going to give you some amazing services. 

They also allow you to take a trial to check if they can provide what you need. Bluebird has an amazing size guide on its website along with a 360° view of their self-storage unit so that you can find one which is perfect for you. The site has fixed rates and does not increase them every month which is a great advantage. Moreover, they also have climate-controlled units for your special items.


These were the 10 Best Self-storage units in Oshawa. Self-storage units are a new technology that is going to be used on a major scale shortly. Their popularity is increasing with the growing technology. Moreover, they are also a great investment that will always benefit you in many different ways.

However, there are many different types of self-storage units in Oshawa. Some of these are outdoor units, indoor units, climate-controlled units, etc. Therefore, to understand which unit is perfect for you, you should examine your items carefully.

Different units have different capacities. Depending upon the way that your products need to be stored, you should choose your self-storage units. We hope that this article could help you come to the best self-storage units in Oshawa.